Subject and Area Librarians

Our librarians have expertise in a variety of academic disciplines and research services. They are listed below along with links to further information about their specialties. Please contact them for assistance with your research and teaching needs.

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Subject Area Name Email Meet with the Librarian
African Studies Miriam Rigby
Anthropology Miriam Rigby
Archaeology Miriam Rigby
Architecture Morning Star Padilla
Art Morning Star Padilla
Art History Morning Star Padilla
Arts and Administration Morning Star Padilla
Asian Studies Xiaotong Wang
Biology Dean Walton
Black Studies Miriam Rigby
Business Genifer Snipes
Chemistry Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
Chinese Studies Xiaotong Wang
Cinema Studies Jeff Staiger
Clark Honors College Jeff Staiger
Classics Jeff Staiger
Communication Disorders Katherine Donaldson
Comparative Literature Jeff Staiger
Computer Science Kristin Buxton
Copyright Kate Thornhill
Copyright Franny Gaede
Counseling Psychology Katherine Donaldson
Dance Ann Shaffer
Data Management Erin Winter
Data Management Gabriele Hayden
Data Management Kate Thornhill
Data Services Gabriele Hayden
Data Services Erin Winter
Digital Projects Kate Thornhill
Digital Scholarship Services Franny Gaede
Economics Genifer Snipes
Education Katherine Donaldson
Environmental Studies Dean Walton
Ethnic Studies Miriam Rigby
Family/Human Services Katherine Donaldson
Folklore Jeff Staiger
Food Studies Miriam Rigby
French Jeff Staiger
Geography Dean Walton
Geological Sciences Dean Walton
German and Scandinavian Studies Heghine Hakobyan
Global Studies Miriam Rigby
Government Information Kathy Stroud
Grants / Foundations Katherine Donaldson
Historic Preservation Morning Star Padilla
History Kevin McDowell
Human Physiology Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
Instructional Design/eLearning Rayne Vieger
Interior Architecture Morning Star Padilla
Italian Jeff Staiger
Japanese Studies Kevin McDowell
Journalism and Communication Kevin McDowell
Journalism and Communication Talia Paz
Judaic Studies Heghine Hakobyan
Knight Campus Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
Landscape Architecture Morning Star Padilla
Latin American Studies Miriam Rigby
Law Kelly Reynolds
Law Angus Nesbit
Linguistics Katherine Donaldson
Literature/ Literary Criticism Jeff Staiger
Maps Kathy Stroud
Marine Biology Dean Walton
Mathematics Kristin Buxton
Media Studies Kevin McDowell
Medieval Studies Kevin McDowell
Music Ann Shaffer
Native American and Indigenous Studies Miriam Rigby
Neuroscience Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
Newspaper Resources Kevin McDowell
Open Access Franny Gaede
Open Access Miriam Rigby
Open Educational Resources Rayne Vieger
Philosophy Jeff Staiger
Physics Kristin Buxton
Planning and Public Policy Kathy Stroud
Political Science Kevin McDowell
Product Design Morning Star Padilla
Psychology Dean Walton
Public Relations and Advertising Research Genifer Snipes
Public Relations and Advertising Research Talia Paz
Religious Studies Heghine Hakobyan
Romance Languages Jeff Staiger
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Heghine Hakobyan
Sociology Miriam Rigby
South Asian History Miriam Rigby
Southeast Asian Studies Kevin McDowell
Spanish and Portuguese Jeff Staiger
Textbook Affordability Rayne Vieger
Theater Arts Jeff Staiger
Women's & Gender Studies Miriam Rigby