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Allen, Hervey Assistant Director 541-346-1813
Aronson , Keri Director of Development 541-346-1890
Austed, Scott 541-346-1796
Austin, Megan Law Instruction Librarian 541-346-9580
Ball, Kate Resource Sharing Operations Specialist 541-346-8273
Bankole, Karen Manager, Architecture & Allied Arts Library 541-346-2203
Barlous, Jaye Law Reference Librarian 541-346-1901
Barth, Duncan Assistant Director, Library Systems 541-346-1902
Bemiss, Cheryl Resource Sharing Assistant 541-346-1936
Best, Patrick Information Technology Consultant II 541-346-2431
Biaggne, Ward Videographer 541-346-1815
Bonamici, Andrew R Associate Dean for Media and Digital Strategies 541-346-2682
Boone, Lynette Videographer 2 541-346-1943
Boshart, Timothy Learning System Administrator 541-346-1458
Brandt, Tyler Instructional Technology Integrator 541-346-7985
Brooks, Kay Rare and Special Materials Cataloger 541-346-1849
Brownmiller, Sara Director, Library Systems 541-346-2368
Bryant, Tatiana Special Collections Librarian 541-346-1597
Butler, Barbara Science Librarian 541-888-2581 x219
Cain, Jonathan Librarian for Data Initiatives and Public Policy, Planning and Mgmt. 541-346-1860
Campbell, Damon Acquisitions Librarian 541-346-3062
Carmichael, Christine Serials Cataloger/Rare Specialist 541-346-1840
Chan, Hana Student Supervisor 541-346-0753
Chertok, Elena Serials Specialist 541-346-1659
Chu, Helen Director, Academic Technology 541-346-1235
Clark, Eric Assistant Head, Access Services 541-346-1918
Clegg, Dotti Resource Sharing Assistant 541-346-1877
Cosler, Chris Information Tech Consultant 2 503-412-3675
Curran, Lisa Access Services Technician 541-346-1653
Curtin, Sean Educational Video Specialist 503-412-3750
Damiani, Laura Continuing Resource Specialist 541-346-1821
DeWaay, Sara Art and Architecture Librarian 541-346-8785
Dorhofer, Bronwyn Access Services & Outreach Librarian 503-412-3672
Dupray, Stefanie Educational Technology Support Specialist 541-346-1833
Echols, Jeremy Analyst Programmer 541-346-8124
Erickson, Tim 541-346-1903
Farrell, Ben Evening Circulation Coordinator (541)-346-1658
Fellows, Patricia Instructional Technologist & Designer 541-346-8024
Fisher, Rebecca Electronic Resources Technician/Serials Cataloger
Flynn-Purvis, Catherine Institutional Repository Manager 541-346-1961
Fowler, David Collection Management Librarian 541-346-1839
Fox, Nina LMS & Instructional Technology Manager 541-346-1817
French, Jenn Night Supervisor UO Libraries 541-346-0756
Galli, Samuel Reserves and Resource Sharing Clerk 541-346-2658
Galvin, Mary D. Systems Librarian 541-346-1864
Garcia, Amanda Graphic Designer and Exhibits Coordinator 541-346-0761
Georgitis, Nathan Digital Collections Librarian 541-346-1852
Grainger, Amy Library Facilities and Business Services Manager 541-346-1900
Grenci, Mary Electronic Resources Team Leader 541-346-5607
Gullickson, Camille Administrative Program Assistant (Development) 541-346-1871
Gunn, Peter Technology Services Manager 503-412-3674
Haas, Diane Metadata Services Technician 541-346-1656
Hall, Stanley Manager, CMET Classroom Technology Support and Interim Manager, CMET video and streaming services 541-346-1944
Harlan, Lydia Acquisitions Receiving Specialist 541-346-1826
Harshe, Shelley Executive Assistant to the Dean of Libraries 541-346-1891
Helm, Dannie Law Library Manager 541-346-8271
Hernandez, Carolina Journalism and Communication Librarian 541-346-3078
Hildebrand, Ryan Special Collections and Authorities Cataloger 541-346-1844
Hodson, Doug Maintenance Labor Coordinator 541-359-8517
Huter, Steven Director, Network Startup Resource Center 5413463547
Hyatt, Mary Ann Director, Law Library 541-346-3097
Isaac, Stephen 541-346-0706
Jang, Noelle Korean cataloger 541-346-5967
Jenkins, Barbara B Coordinator, Outreach & Special Programs 541-346-1925
Karlsen, Crystal Human Resources Specialist 541-346-1898
Keene, Amy Capital Project & AV Design Manager 541-346-7404
Keith, Theresa Student Assistant Trainer and Evening Supervisor 541-346-0760
Kelly, Betsy Information Technology Consultant II 541-346-0762
Ketchum, David Head, Access Services 541-346-1884
Kirkpatrick, Andrew Digital Media Developer 541-346-1966
Kubly, Holli Web Services Librarian 541-346-1914
Kuhn, Hans Network Trainer and Project Manager 541-346-1778
Lake, Amy Administrative Program Assistant 541-346-1903
Landazuri, David Cataloger 541-346-1862
Larson, Lesli Communications and Marketing Director 541-346-1946
Layton, Rosella Electronic Resources Manager 541-346-1842
Lee, Audrey preservation/binding technician & cataloger 541-346-1868
Lenn, Katy Head, Research and Instructional Services 541-346-3072
Levitt, Lisa Acquisitions Technician 541-346-3802
Lilley, Rachel Assistant Processing and Public Services Archivist 541-346-9378
Lim, Adriene Dean of Libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair 541-346-1892
Long, Linda Manuscripts Librarian 541-3461906
Lynch, Lucy Assistant Director for International Partnerships 541-346-3547
Majdic, Michael Producer-Director 541-346-1945
Malinao-Alvarez, Azle Interactive Technology Consultant 541-346-1824
Mason, Edward Audio Video System Engineer 541-346-7466
Matson, Karen Instructional Designer 541-346-1820
McCallum, David Multimedia Authoring Specialist/Information Technology Consultant 541-346-1456
McDowell, Kumiko Japanese Cataloger/Metadata Technician 541-346-1855
McDowell, Kevin Japanese Studies Librarian 541-346-8923
McGrath, Kelley Metadata Management Librarian 541-346-8232
McQuilkin, Terry Audio & Video Room Coordinator 541-346-0380
Mericle, Danielle Curator of Photography and Digital Projects Coordinator 542-346-2487
Merrell, Susan Grants/Contracts Technician 541-346-6396
Midkiff, Stephanie Law Reference Librarian 541-346-1661
Miller, Ann Head, Collection Services 541-346-3064
Mitchell, Victoria Government Information Librarian 541-346-3076
Mohr, Marilyn Senior Conservation Technician 541-346-1962
Moore, Patrick Human Resources Manager 541-346-1894
Munro, Karen Head 503-412-3673
Murray, Jimmy Technology Specialist & Student Supervisor 541-346-2659
Nesbit, Angus Law Reference Librarian 541-346-1673
Nesselroad, Lara Manager, Math and Science Libraries 541-346-2664
O'Grady, Erica Resource Sharing Summit Liason 541-349-1909
O'Neal, Jennifer Corrigan Solari University Historian and Archivist 541-346-1899
Peterson, Elizabeth Humanities Librarian and Curator of Moving Images 541-346-3047
Peterson, David M. Classroom Technology Specialist ITC2 541-346-1941
Proctor, Sarah Map and Aerial Photography Technician 541-346-4565
Reaves, Marilyn Adminiistrative Assistant 541-346-1949
Reynolds, Kelly Law Reference Librarian 541-346-1567
Rigby, Miriam Social Sciences Librarian 541-346-7202
Robare, Lori Monographic Team Leader 541-346-1848
Roshak, Scott AV Integration Programmer/Engineer 541-346-8195
Rusby, Ryan Classroom Technology Specialist and Services Coordinator 541-346-1957
Sato, Linda 541-346-1832
Scott, Blake Stacks Coordinator 541-346-0755
Seymore, Sarah Digital Metadata Technician 541-346-1872
Shaffer, Ann Music and Dance Librarian 541-346-1850 (Collection Services), 541-346-1930 (AV Room)
Simic, Julia Metadata and Digital Production Librarian 541-346-2209
Singler, Beth Accounting Tech 541-346-3040
Slight-Gibney, Nancy Assistant Dean, Library Resource Management 541-346-1831
Smith, Harriett Recataloging Specialist, Library Technician 3 541-346-1863
Smith, Kate Billing Coordinator 541-346-1916
Smith, Dale International Network Coordinator 541-346-1745
Smith, Raina Procurement Specialist 541-346-1837
Smith, Jan Administrative Assistant 541-346-1889
Staiger, Jeff Humanities Librarian 541-346-1897
Stewart, Tyler Library Applications Developer 541-346-1965
Stone, Jason Strategic Communications and Writing Specialist 541-346-1459
Stout, Marcie Law Administrative Assistant 541-346-0798
Stroud, Kathleen David and Nancy Petrone Map/GIS Librarian 541-346-3051
Sullivan, Randy Digital Production Manager 541-346-1853
Swain, Donald Search Clerk 541-346-0754
Tabb, Bruce Special Collections Librarian 541-346-1846
Taylor, John Electronic Resources Technician 541-346-1865
Teague, Edward H Head, AAA Library 541-346-1954
Thornton, Tiffany Cataloger and Metadata Technician 541-346-1937
Tsutsui, Ilona Law Collections Librarian 541-346-1657
Tweeter, Chris 541-346-1830
Vasquez, Ramiro Audio Video System Engineer 541-346-1836
Verrey, Peter 541-346-2681
Villalobos , Samuel Administrative Support Specialist 541-346-1885
Walton, Dean Science & Technology Outreach Librarian 541-346-2871
Wang, Xiaotong East Asian Cataloging Team Leader/Chinese Studies Specialist 541-346-1857
Watson, Mark Associate Dean for Research Services 541-346-1896
Westra, Brian Lorry I. Lokey Science Data Services Librarian 541-346-2654
Willis, Brenda 541-346-1971
Wilson, Neil Music Cataloger & Metadata Technician 541-346-1861
Woken, David History and Latin American Studies Librarian 541-346-1883
Wyrick, Duane ITC 541-346-1912
Zeidman-Karpinski, Annie The Kenneth M. and Kenda A. Singer Science Librarian 541-346-2663

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