Off-Campus Access

Library Proxy Service

When a database or electronic resource link is selected from one of the Libraries' resource pages, users are taken to a Libraries login page that verifies their eligibility to use licensed resources. To authenticate through the proxy service, use the "Login with your DuckID" button, after clicking on a link for a library resource. When prompted, enter your DuckID (the first part of your UO email address before the @ sign) and DuckID password. You should be passed to the resource after authentication.

Users can also drag the UO Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet to their browser's bookmarks bar (be sure your Bookmarks bar is showing first by clicking on View > Bookmarks in most browsers). To access articles through a web search, simply search for the article or database you're interested in, click the bookmarklet and log in with your DuckId and Password. Please note: not all resources users may encounter through a web search will be available through the this method. Please also look for these resources in LibrarySearch or request them through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

The campus VPN service allows you to connect your computer to the campus network as if you were physically on campus. The client VPN allows you to authenticate one time, with access to all library resources as long as you remain logged in. To use the client VPN, you will need to download and install a small application.

Download the client VPN software

If you need assistance installing or connecting to the client VPN software, staff at the Information Services Technology Service Desk can help you resolve the problems and get access.

Note: If your research includes searching in LibrarySearch, which includes electronic articles, e-books, and other licensed digital content, it is best to first log into the VPN before beginning your search to ensure that you see all resources that are available to UO students, faculty, and staff.