Library Faculty & Staff Directory

Ranked Faculty A-Z

The University of Oregon Libraries faculty members provide a wide range of services in support of the teaching and research mission at the University of Oregon, as well as contributing to a number of professional roles and responsibilities on campus.

Librarians hold academic faculty status with rank, and are non-tenured. Contracts are fixed-term and renewable. Professional growth and service in keeping with university and library standards for promotion and retention is expected. They are involved in a broad spectrum of national and international professional organizations, associations, and scholarship.

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Alexander, Margaret Core Systems Librarian 541-346-1864
Bisio, Alexandra Lead Processing Archivist 541-346-9378
Buxton, Kristin Science Librarian 541-346-2654
Campbell, Damon Acquisitions Librarian 541-346-3062
Ching, Tina Law Reference Librarian 541-346-3802
Cunningham, Nancy Interim Associate VPUL for Research, Instruction, and Access Services 541-346-1954 and 541-346-1876
de Lorenzo, David Giustina Director 541-346-1904
Donaldson, Katherine Social Sciences/Education Librarian 541-346-4132
Fowler, David Collection Management Librarian 541-346-1839
Gaede, Franny Director, Digital Scholarship Services 541-346-1854
Georgitis, Nathan Archivist for Digital Collections 541-346-1852
Goss, Lauren Special Collections Public Services Librarian 541-346-2487
Grenci, Mary Interim Director, Electronic Resources & Acquisitions 541-346-5607
Hakobyan, Heghine Slavic Librarian 541-346-1858
Hayden, Gabriele Research Data Management and Reproducibility Librarian 541-346-1958
Henry, Ray Director, Applications Development and Integration 541-346-1812
Hildebrand, Ryan Special Collections and Authorities Cataloger 541-346-1844
Ketchum, David Director, Access Services 541-346-1884
Lenn, Katy Director, Research and Instructional Services 541-346-3072
Long, Linda Curator of Manuscripts 541-346-1906
Maxson, Bronwen K. Coordinator, Undergraduate Engagement & Instructional Services 541-346-3069
McDowell, Kevin Japanese Studies Librarian, Subject Specialist for History, Interim Subject Specialist for Political Science 541-346-8923
McGrath, Kelley Metadata Management Librarian 541-346-8232
Mericle, Danielle Curator of Visual Materials 541-346-1949
Munsell, Austin Collections Manager 541-346-1908
Nesbit, Angus Law Reference Librarian and Interim Director, Law Library 541-346-1673
Patterson, Patrick Web Services Librarian 541-346-1914
Peterson, Elizabeth Humanities Librarian 541-346-3047
Reynolds, Kelly Law Reference Librarian 541-346-1567
Rigby, Miriam Social Sciences Librarian 541-346-7202
Robare, Lori Interim Director, Cataloging, Metadata & Preservation Services 541-346-1848
Salaz, Alicia Vice Provost and University Librarian 541-346-1892
Seymore, Sarah Digital Collections Metadata Librarian 541-346-1872
Shaffer, Ann Music and Dance Librarian 541-346-1850 (Collection Services), 541-346-1930 (Douglass Room)
Simic, Julia Assistant Director of Digital Scholarship Services, Digital Production and Preservation 541-346-2209
Snipes, Genifer Business & Economics Librarian
Staiger, Jeff Humanities Librarian 541-346-1897
Stroud, Kathleen David and Nancy Petrone Cartographic and Spatial Data Librarian 541-346-3051
Thornhill, Kathryn Digital Scholarship Librarian 541-346-3714
Tsutsui, Ilona Law Collections Librarian 541-346-1657
Vieger, Rayne Coordinator, eLearning & Open Educational Resources (OER) 541-346-1856
Walton, Dean Lorry I. Lokey Science & Technology Outreach Librarian 541-346-2871
Wang, Andrew Art and Architecture Librarian 541-346-8785
Zeidman-Karpinski, Annie The Kenneth M. and Kenda H. Singer Science Librarian 541-346-2663