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UO Libraries Earns Three-Star Service Rating

The UO Libraries Interlibrary Loan unit has been awarded three stars by the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative.  Three stars are awarded to institutions who participate in 80% or more of activities, services and initiatives that the RRSI has identified as “outstanding.”

The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative (RRSI) is an ad hoc group that advocates for a revolution in the way libraries conduct resource sharing.  The group has written a Manifesto which outlines a set of principles that support and encourage progressive resource sharing.  Resource sharing units are encouraged to complete a checklist indicating which services, initiatives and activities they participate in, or plan to within the next year, and are awarded points and stars accordingly.  The checklist is also intended to get resource sharing units thinking about the services they offer and where there is room for improvement.

A few of the outstanding services offered by the ILL unit at UO Libraries include: providing status of requests online 24/7, requesting material from libraries worldwide, considering purchase-on-demand before canceling requests, and processing user requests within 2 business days.

The UO Libraries are honored by the RRSI’s recognition of our services, activities and initiatives, and are proud of the roles we are playing to improve the user experience and help build the multi-institutional library.

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