Policies Building Use in the UO Libraries

The purpose of the UO Libraries is to support research, teaching, and learning within the academy. Because the collections represent a rich and extensive resource that benefits the state, region, and international community of scholars, the facilities are open to the general public. However, the design and intent of the facilities are based on the UO Libraries mission with respect to the production, acquisition, dissemination, and long-term access to scholarly content. Within the broader policies and interests of the University, the UO Libraries reserves the right to determine the use of space, associated fees, and specific restrictions that are necessary to support its mission.

General Principles

Academic needs:

Academic needs take precedence over other requests. Library-related instruction is the first priority for classroom use. Some classrooms will be shared with the Registrar to meet demand. Staff training sessions may be scheduled on an ad hoc basis but shall not compete with academic needs.


The UO Libraries collaborates with the schools, colleges, and academic support units to provide a rich array of teaching, tutoring, orientation, and advising services for students. The UO Libraries may share in the design and delivery of services within certain spaces, but it is ultimately responsible for managing the use of the space.

Designated uses:

Certain spaces may be designated for specific uses for limited periods. With the exception of Knight Library's ground floor classrooms, all public facilities will be open to all students and faculty beyond those times set aside for designated use.

Maximized use:

Collectively, the university's libraries are the most heavily used academic facilities on campus. Space is in constant and high demand, particularly by students. Emphasis is placed on maximizing the use of all the space, rather than restricting access for specific purposes. The design and function of low-use spaces will be re-examined on a regular basis to achieve a higher efficiency.

Public Functions:

The UO Libraries is an attractive venue for public events and functions, and these uses encourage stronger ties with the community. Public events, i.e. those not sponsored by the University, are subjected to certain administrative rules and fees (see Large Meeting and Event Spaces Reservation Policy). 

Solicitations and Promotions: 

The UO Libraries does not provide space for campaigns, solicitations, external fundraising, surveys, etc. unless they represent an academic or university priority. Printed promotional material may be displayed in designated areas as specified in the UO Libraries Signs Policy.