Price Science Commons Building Use Policy


The Price Science Commons & Research Library (PSC) building contains print collections, study rooms, open study areas, employee offices, academic department rooms, teaching classrooms, technology labs, small events spaces, and more. These resources are primarily available to support UO student and faculty research and instruction in the natural and applied sciences; however, PSC is open to the public. This policy helps ensure prioritization of PSC space for UO’s academic needs, and that spaces are being used for their intended purpose.   


  • Academic needs for spaces in the Price Science Commons take priority over requests for public events and non-academic uses. 
  • Spaces in PSC typically cannot be reserved by the public.
  • Scheduling either of PSC’s two classrooms (B040, B042) is shared with the Registrar’s Office and PSC managers and room assignments for UO courses are made based on a set of criteria. Priority is given to science courses which identify a need for an active-learning classroom and include librarian participation in class activities.
  • When PSC’s classrooms are available outside of course scheduling, priority will be given to class tutorials and review sessions for use, student groups associated with the sciences, and workshops that provide experiential learning opportunities for science students. 
  • Staff training sessions or meetings may be scheduled in PSC spaces on an ad hoc basis but shall not conflict with academic needs.
  • Specialized research and learning spaces such as the DeArmond Makerspace, Visualization Lab, and Gaming Center are only available to UO community members. Exceptions: non-UO community members may access the Gaming Center accompanied by a UO community member and non-UO community members may access the Visualization lab for workshops or events. 
  • Use of specialized spaces may require training. 
  • PSC maintains six designated academic department rooms assigned by discipline areas: Biology, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Human Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics. Designated academic departments have priority in the use of these rooms. However, if there is no scheduled use by individuals from these departments, rooms may be used for other purposes including general study, meetings, or small group teaching.
  • PSC is responsible for most room technology.   


PSC employees reserve the right to determine whether the use of Price Science Commons spaces is in support of the UO Libraries mission and goals and are responsible for helping ensure compliance with this policy. PSC employees may decline reservations or offer alternative locations if there is a conflict. 

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If you have questions or feedback about this policy, please contact the Price Science Commons manager: 


Last revised 3/14/2024