Large Meeting and Event Spaces

The Libraries’ large event and meeting spaces[1] may be reserved by formally recognized University groups[2] for purposes related directly to the University’s and the Libraries’ educational, curricular, and administrative needs, and for events sponsored by the Libraries. Events formally sponsored by the Libraries receive the highest priority, followed by educational and curricular uses not sponsored by the Libraries. The Libraries reserves the right to cancel reservations or terminate events or functions if reserving parties do not adhere to this policy.  

  • Appropriate library staff are in charge of scheduling large event and meeting spaces in the Libraries; self-service reservations are not permitted.

  • Meetings or events must not disturb other library operations. The Libraries reserves the right to terminate any event or function that causes an undue disturbance (e.g., noise levels inappropriate for the library environment or activities that interfere with normal library operations), or endangers the health and safety of participants, library patrons, or library staff.

  • After use, all spaces and rooms must be in their original configurations and clean condition (e.g., move furniture back to the original positions before the event or meeting took place). 

  • We in the Libraries are not responsible for damage or loss of personal property or other items left in the spaces. Any items found by library staff will be handled according to the Libraries’ lost-and-found procedures.

  • The Libraries’ spaces must be used for non-commercial purposes related directly to UO’s or the Libraries’ educational, curricular, or business needs, or for events formally sponsored by the Libraries. (As exceptions, the Libraries will consider limited commercial use of its spaces and rooms if formal requests and prior UO approvals of the commercial nature come from the UO Scheduling and Events Office, or if such uses are tied to approved, internal-library events. In all cases, educational and curricular needs receive the highest priority.) 

  • With a few exceptions related to UO’s direct educational or curricular needs, the Libraries’ spaces will only be made available for reservations during hours in which the applicable library location is open to the public.

  • Generally, reservations may be made for only one instance of a meeting; recurring reservations may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Food and drink are permitted in most event or meeting spaces with the following limitations applied to catered events: buffet only; no seafood entrees; and University Catering must be used as the exclusive caterer for campus (541-346-4303). Serving of alcohol is permitted only through University Catering. All arrangements for refreshments and removal of food and trash from the space are the responsibility of the parties reserving the space.

  • The party reserving the space must ensure that the number of people participating or attending the event does not exceed the posted maximum capacity of the space.  

  • The event’s sponsor agrees to make restitution for any damage to the space, its contents, or equipment. If the Libraries incurs any expenses on behalf of the user, the user will reimburse the Libraries for these expenses.

  • Unless the Libraries is a formal sponsor, the Libraries’ name may be used only to designate the location of the function. The use of the Libraries’ spaces does not constitute an endorsement of the content or function of the event.

  • Promotional materials relating to the function must specify the sponsoring group. Groups may not affix any materials to the walls or doors of the room or Libraries’ public areas. (See the Libraries’ Signs Policy for more details.)

  • The group sponsoring an event is responsible for arranging special accommodations for participants (e.g., assisted learning devices; sign language assistants, etc.) and for complying with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities’ Act as required.

  • The group sponsoring an event is responsible for becoming familiar with the University’s and the Libraries’ emergency procedures.

  • In addition to the stipulations set forth in this policy, users of the Libraries’ meeting rooms or spaces must comply with all other library policies and the University’s policies on Non-Discrimination, Building Use, Animal Control, Firearms, Freedom of Inquiry and Free Speech, Proscribed Conduct, Student Conduct Code, and other relevant policies.

Procedures for reserving specific library event and meeting spaces:

[1] This policy applies to large spaces and rooms capable of holding 50 or more people. Smaller meeting rooms and library study rooms are not covered under this policy.

[2] Formally recognized UO groups are defined as: ASUO Recognized Student Organizations (these organizations are eligible for student fee funding and must keep their OrgSync portals current); UO Registered Student Organizations (these groups are registered by the Center for Student Involvement as having met the formal requirements for being a student organization, and must keep their OrgSync portals current); UO Department Recognized Student Organizations (sanctioned by a UO college or academic department, with current OrgSync portals); and current staff, faculty, and administrators of UO departments, schools, colleges, and administrative units.

Final version of policy approved on August 23, 2018