Children in the Libraries Policy


UO Libraries provides spaces for research, collaboration, teaching, and scholarship in support of the academic programs at the University of Oregon. All UO Libraries branch locations are open to the public, including caretakers with children. This purpose of this policy is to help maintain a scholarly environment for UO students and scholars while welcoming children into the Libraries.  


  • UO Libraries does not provide childcare. 
  • Parents and caretakers are responsible for the safety, comfort, and behavior of their children while using UO Libraries facilities. 
  • Children under 12 years of age must always be accompanied by a caretaker.
  • Minors who are Oregon or Washington residents aged 16 and older qualify for library borrowing privileges through the Oregon Card program.


If an unescorted child who appears under 12 years of age comes to the attention of UO Libraries personnel, they will evaluate the situation and try to contact a parent or caretaker within the library. If the adult responsible for the child's welfare cannot be located, a library employee will contact the University of Oregon Police Department to report the situation and seek assistance. 

Children aged 12 and older who are by themselves or in groups without an escort may also be cause for concern. UO Libraries employees will evaluate each situation and take appropriate steps to ensure library spaces and services are being used appropriately and behavior is not causing a disturbance.

The University of Oregon Libraries follows all relevant and applicable University of Oregon policies

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Last revised: 1/5/2024