Building Access and Use Policy


UO Libraries is committed to providing open and equitable access to library spaces and resources for study, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration. As such, all branches of UO Libraries are open to the public; however, to better meet the needs of the UO community, some library spaces are designated for specific uses and users or are only accessible during specified hours or with a current UO ID or accepted alternate form of identification. This policy ensures library patrons are aware of access and use restrictions, use is prioritized for the UO community’s academic needs, and spaces are used for their intended purpose.  


  • Although all UO Libraries branches are open to the public, not all spaces are open to the non-UO community or open to non-UO community members at all times. See Additional Resources below to determine building access and use UO Libraries branches. 
  • Library hours, including hours when UO IDs or accepted alternates are required for entry, differ by Libraries location. Consult the Hours and Locations page for individual library details.
  • In all cases, current operating hours and UO ID requirements are provided on the Libraries’ homepage under Today’s Hours:  
  • UO Libraries does not provide space for campaigns, solicitations, fundraising, etc. unless they represent a UO priority and have been approved in advance by UO Libraries. 
  • In all cases, the academic needs of UO faculty and students take precedence over other uses of UO Libraries spaces. 
  • With some exceptions, such as reservable event rooms, spaces within UO Libraries cannot be reserved by the non-UO community (see Large Meeting and Event Spaces). 
  • Library-related instruction is the priority for classroom use, except classrooms shared with the Registrar. Those classrooms are reserved for classes scheduled by the Registrar, then made available for library-related instruction. 
  • Classrooms that are not currently being utilized by UO instructors or librarians may be used for other academic purposes. Please contact the Director of Teaching and Liaison Services for consideration.
  • UO employee training sessions may be scheduled ad hoc in UO Libraries buildings with the approval of Libraries managers. 
  • UO Libraries does not offer space to external departments for recurring meetings. 
  • UO Libraries collaborates and shares their buildings with other academic support units on campus but is ultimately responsible for managing the use of library space. 
  • Certain spaces in UO Libraries may be designated for specific users for specified periods at the discretion of UO Libraries management.


When visiting any UO Libraries branch when a UO ID is required, visitors will be asked to verify their affiliation with the University with a current UO ID or accepted alternate form of identification. Alternate forms of identification and exceptions to the Building Access and Use Policy are reviewed and determined by employees at the relevant UO Libraries branch location on an as-needed basis. Individuals who cannot verify their affiliation with UO when a UO ID is required will be asked to leave the library. 

If UO Libraries employees become aware of an individual or group using the building for an unauthorized purpose they will address the situation and ensure the unauthorized use is discontinued. 

In all cases, library employees will be respectful of the rights of all users in working to maintain a scholarly environment. 

Additional Resources


If you have questions or feedback about this policy, please submit them to the UO Libraries Questions and Feedback Form: 


Last revised: 3/14/2024