Knight Library

Built in 1935-1937, the Knight Library is the largest library on campus, housing the Library's collections of materials in the humanities, social sciences, music, and business, as well as the library's special collections, government documents, microforms, and maps.

The Library is located on the west side of the University on Kincaid Street, just off the corner of Kincaid and 15th Avenue.


Food and drink is permitted in most public areas of Knight Library. Please keep drinks in covered containers, clean up any spills or crumbs, and properly dispose of all trash. Special guidelines apply to the following areas:

  • Proctor Classrooms 41 and 42. No food is allowed in the classrooms, but beverages in covered containers are acceptable.
  • Special Collections and University Archives. No food or beverages, including chewing gum and water, are allowed.

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