Film and Video Policy for UO Libraries

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Persons wishing to coordinate an organized photo shoot or take group shots should contact the Library Administration Office or the respective branch library media contact (see list below). At the point of inquiry, persons will be expected to provide contact information, affiliation, and purpose for filming. After obtaining permission, which may be granted immediately or after consultation with other staff, the following guidelines should be observed:

Personal Photography

  • The taking of photographs and/or videotaping should not disrupt patrons or staff.
  • Photographs/videos should not be taken of patrons or staff unless they have granted permission to do so.
  • Photography should only take place in public library spaces.
  • Optimally, filming should be brief. Study or stack areas should not be cordoned off for extended filming especially during the academic/summer terms, unless permission from the Libraries has been obtained. Filming and photographer are not permitted in non-public staff work areas unless permission has been granted by a library media liaison.

Model release forms

If your video or photography focuses on a single person or a small group, they should complete the university's approved model release form (Adobe PDF). If the person signing a release is under the age of eighteen, a parent or guardian must cosign the release. The form is your way of proving that the person is providing their image, artwork, or quote willingly and does not require additional compensation.

When filming a group of people, such as inside of a classroom or at a small event, try to gather model release forms prior to filming.

Download the model release (Adobe PDF).
Download the model release form in Spanish (Adobe PDF).

Contact Information

Library Administration Office, Knight Library 115

Lara Nesselroad—Science Library

Nancy Cunningham—Design Library, Portland Library & Learning Commons

Angus Nesbit—Law Library