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About Library Human Resources Staff Members: Who Does What?

As part of the Library Administration Office, HR staff members have the following assignments and focus:

Susan Breakenridge, Assistant Dean, Library Administrative Services
Knight Library, Room 115E

  • Oversight/supervision of Library Human Resource Department
  • Advise Library Administration on UO Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Organizational development and training program coordination

Shelley Harshe, Administrative Operations Manager
Knight Library, Room 115C

  • Interpretation and documentation of library and UO personnel policies and guidelines
  • Assist with the onboarding of new unclassified staff (OA and NTTF)
  • Represents Human resources as member of Library Council
  • Contract renewal and/or promotion review process coordination and administration for Non-Tenure Track Faculty
  • HR website maintenance and creation, as needed
  • Recruitment coordination for unclassified staff  (OA and NTTF) searches
  • Performance review process coordination for unclassified staff
  • Recruitment and administration for Graduate Employees
  • Recruitment coordination for Thomas Interns (donor-funded program directed towards exploring careers in libraries and information technology)
  • Assist with the training program coordination

Crystal Karlsen, Payroll & Human Resources Coordinator (Administrative Program Specialist)
Knight Library, Room 115B

  • Coordination of UO Libraries' payroll functions for all staff
  • Campus liaison for payroll issues
  • Recruitment coordination for classified staff members and student assistants
  • Performance review coordination for classified, student staff, officers of administration
  • Orients new employees on first day
  • Personnel file maintenance for all library employees
  • Backup for Human Resources functions in the absence of Assistant Dean
  • Staff directory and list maintenance
  • Telecommunications and building access coordination needs for library employees (computer access, phone, email, staff entrance code, keys, directories, parking permits)
  • Provide general office support

Payroll & Administrative Support Specialist (Office Specialist 1)
Knight Library, Room 115B

  • Coordination of unclassified staff leave reporting process
  • Audits all timesheets for permanent staff and students
  • Initiates and completes student hire paperwork
  • Processes manual checks

NOTE: We all may specialize in certain types of personnel actions, but we are all willing to help you find your answer!

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