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About Organizational Development and
Library Human Resources Staff Members


Shane Turner, Director, Library Organizational Development and Human Resources

Knight Library, Room 109A

  • Interpretation of personnel policies and guidelines and collective bargaining agreements (SEIU and United Academics)
  • Counseling employees with work-related problems or problems affecting the work situation
  • Counseling supervisors/management with work-related problems or problems affecting the work situation
  • Dismissal and discipline of employees
  • Coaching with staff job evaluations
  • Salary equity analysis
  • Staff recruitment and hiring issues
  • Organizational development and training program coordination
  • New employee orientation program (ESP: Employee Success Program) coordinator
  • Library Diversity Committee facilitator
  • Consultant to library units regarding organization and structure
  • General advising related to University Benefits
  • Represents ODHR as member of Library Council
  • Oversight of Human Resources Librarian and Human Resources Manager


Laine Stambaugh, Human Resources Librarian

Knight Library,  Room 115C

  • Coordination of personnel actions associated with faculty (Non-Tenure Track Faculty, or NTTF, and Officers of Administration, or OAs)
  • Coordination of recruitments for unclassified staff (and classified staff, as needed)
  • Coordination of performance review process for unclassified staff
  • Coordination of contract renewal and/or promotion review process for NTTF and OAs
  • Coordination of recruitments for Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTFs) and GTF liaison to Graduate School
  • Coordination of recruitments for Thomas Interns (academic year paid internships exploring library and/or information technology career opportunities)
  • Facilitation of classification reviews for classified positions in consultation with campus Human Resources (as needed)
  • Coordination of library volunteer placement
  • Provide new employee orientation for unclassified staff
  • Interpretation of personnel policies, procedures and guidelines for unclassified staff
  • Provide general advice related to University Benefits
  • Counseling and informational interviews regarding careers in libraries for any interested student, staff member, or community member
  • Maintain ODHR staff intranet (not accessible to the public, but a good resource for staff members to look for specific HR-related topics)


Patrick Moore, Human Resources Manager

Knight Library, Room 115B

  • Administer payroll for all library employees and serves as campus liaison for payroll issues
  • Coordination of personnel files for all library employees
  • Coordination of telecommunications and building access needs for library employees (computer access, phone, email, staff entrance code, keys, directories, parking permits)
  • Coordination of recruitments for classified staff members and student assistants
  • Coordination of performance reviews for classified and student staff
  • Coordination of staff directories
  • Coordination of hiring and termination paperwork for all library employees
  • Provide new employee orientation, particularly with classified and student staff
  • Facilitate classification reviews for classified positions in consultation with campus Human Resources
  • Interpretation of personnel policies, procedures and guidelines, including SEIU collective bargaining agreement for classified staff
  • Provide general advice related to University Benefits, FMLA, Worker's Compensation, etc.
  • Supervision of Office Specialist 2


Crystal Karlsen, Human Resources Specialist (Office Specialist 2)

Knight Library, Room 115B

  • Coordination of all student employment, from hire to termination
  • Coordination of unclassified leave reporting process
  • Process monthly pay for each employee
  • Provide general office support


NOTE: We all may specialize in certain types of personnel actions, but we are all willing to help you find your answer!

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