Use Policy

The John E. Jaqua Law Library is a branch of the UO Libraries. The law library may be used by UO students, faculty and staff, and members of the general public who need to consult specific law materials held by the library. Every person using the law library should be careful to avoid conduct that will distract others working in the library.

The second (main) floor of the library is a collaborative space, while the third and fourth floors are quiet areas. Anyone who is disturbed by the behavior of others in the law library may ask them to cease the disruptive behavior, or may come to one of the service desks on the second floor of the law library to ask a staff member to intervene. Law library staff will ask anyone engaged in loud or otherwise disruptive behavior to stop. If further intervention is necessary, the law library staff will seek help from campus security. Repeat offenses will result in the loss of library privileges.

A follow-up email to Jane Larrington, Law Library Director,, will ensure consideration of any problems.

Law Study rooms are reserved for the academic use of currently enrolled UO JD, CRES, and LLM students, who may check out room keys for the study rooms with their UO ID at the Checkout Desk on the second floor. UO JD, CRES, and LLM students retain borrowing privileges for library materials for one term past graduation.