Student Resources Scholars' Bank

Student work in Scholars' Bank includes dissertations, theses, Master's capstone projects, and class projects. Under some circumstances, students may also use this institutional repository as a tool for Research Data Management.

The submission processes for graduate theses and dissertations and Clark Honors College theses are different from the process for other papers and projects, and are administered through CHC and the Graduate School, respectively.

Copyright Basics for Graduate Students

Submission of Dissertations & Theses

See The Graduate School's Electronic Theses and Dissertation Instructions. As an alternative to immediate open access, the following embargo periods are optional selections for students: six months, one year and 2 years. Please note that electronic theses and dissertations are part of University Archives and as such are not subject to withdrawal.

Students who received degrees prior to Fall 2007 who would like to submit their dissertation or thesis to Scholar's Bank should fill out the Permission Form for Student Submissions. Library staff will retrieve and digitize the approved print version housed in the UO Libraries collection.

Submission of Class Projects to Scholars' Bank

Student submission of class projects to Scholars' Bank must be sanctioned by an academic department or program of the University of Oregon. If you would like to submit material to an existing student collection, please contact the appropriate faculty member, or the administrative office of the school or program. Or contact us at for more information.

For more information, students are encouraged to read the following:

If you have any questions, please contact the Institutional Repository Manager for assistance or visit Digital Scholarship Services.