Tours and Group Visits Policy for Non-UO Community Users


UO Libraries provides access to the largest physical and digital research collection in Oregon and is a cultural heritage organization that promotes community and civic outreach and engagement. Tours and group visits promote the Libraries and inform participants about the facilities, resources, and services. Library tours and group visits should include an educational component that is best met by visiting UO Libraries. This policy helps ensure the most effective experience for participants and the least disruption to other users in UO Libraries spaces during tours and group visits.


  • Group leaders that wish to arrange a library tour or group visit should contact the library to discuss the purpose of the visit and schedule a time that works for the group and the library:
  • Tours and group visits that require the support of UO Libraries employees must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, e.g., leading tours, providing library instruction, and setting up library accounts.


Unauthorized tours or group visits unaffiliated with UO will be asked to end the tour, according to our procedures for maintaining a scholarly environment. Groups will be asked to work with the relevant library director to schedule a future visit with appropriate notice and coordination.


If you have questions or feedback about this policy, please contact UO Libraries at


This policy was last revised 1/31/2024.