Proxy Program Information

The University of Oregon Libraries allows UO faculty members to designate one proxy to act as representative when checking out material. Any UO Employee, Student, Oregon Card Patron, or others with UO Library Accounts requiring accessibility assistance may designate one proxy to act as representative when checking out material. Please note that proxies should never have access to your DuckID password, nor does their proxy status grant remote access to UO Libraries' electronic resources. 

Individuals who wish to designate a proxy should complete the UO Libraries Proxy Request Form. Your proxy will be authorized when they present the signed form and a photo ID at the circulation desk at any of the UO Libraries Locations. The individual's proxy status will expire after one year or your designated expiry date, whichever comes first.

Please note that by designating another individual as your proxy, you are authorizing that person to check out material using your library account. You are responsible for replacement costs, service charges, and overdue fines that accrue for material checked out on your account by your proxy. If your proxy is no longer working for you, please contact Access Services as soon as possible to have them removed from your account at or 541-346-3065.

If you have questions about the proxy program, please contact Kate Smith, Assistant Director of Access Services at or 541-346-1916.

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