Statement Regarding Objectionable Content

The University of Oregon Libraries Special Collections and University Archives serves as a repository of historical materials, some of which may be considered prejudiced, stereotyped, or offensive. Historical materials are important resources in the study of contemporary and past cultures. As such, we take seriously our responsibilities in preserving and cataloging such material and in providing access for the purpose of scholarly research and study. Thus, these materials are made broadly and publicly accessible as part of the historical record and for educational purposes.

UO Libraries recognizes that users may encounter some items within these collections that contain offensive language, imagery, or other forms of objectionable content. Such materials document the past and were created within the context of their original time-period.

Providing access to these historical materials does not endorse any attitudes, prejudices, or behaviors depicted therein. The UO Libraries is committed to upholding the principle of equal and free access to unaltered historical information and supports the University of Oregon's commitment to inclusion and diversity and the ideals reflected on the Diversity and Inclusion web page.