Instructions for Transferring Permanent Records to University Archives

The University Archives retains and preserves University records that have permanent historical or evidential value and provides access to these records to researchers. Permanent records are defined by the University of Oregon Records Retention Schedule (UO RSS), which is developed and administered by the UO Records Management Program. If you have identified and need to transfer permanent records to the University Archives please follow the instructions below. 

Note: The Archives does not store records that are scheduled for destruction. The Records Management Program handles non-permanent records that must be kept for a specified period of time and then discarded. The UO RSS determines which records are retained permanently and which records are kept for a limited time (non-permanent). 

For questions and guidance on identifying permanent and non-permanent records, contact UO Records Management at

Permanent Records Procedure

Step 1: Identify Records

Review the UO Records Retention Schedule to learn whether the records proposed for transfer meet eligibility criteria for transfer to University Archives. 

Before moving to Step 2, contact Records Management to ensure compliance with the UO RSS. Once Records Management has approved your identification of permanent records, move to Step 2.

In consultation with Records Management, University Archives reserves the right to reject and/or return records that are identified as non-permanent. 

Step 2: Prepare Boxes

  1. Use standard records storage boxes (W=12" x L=15"x H=10") with lids and handles.  If you have odd size items or records that do not fill an entire box, please contact the University Archivist.
  2. Do not include hanging files or binders
    1. Remove files from hanging folders and binders and place in folders before boxing.  
    2. Use multiple folders if binder contents are too large for one folder.
  3. Keep files in the exact same order as how they were stored in the office that created and used them. Finding files in "original order" is very important to researchers.
  4. Place loose or small items in labeled folders before being put in boxes.
  5. Label the outside of each box with box number and department name.

Step 3: Describe Box Contents

  1. Create an inventory list for all records in Excel. Download the template (xls, 144kb).
    1. Indicate the department name, box number[BM1] [AM2] , date range of materials, record series titles from the UO RSS, and all folder titles.
    2. When describing records, please use the record series titles as indicated in the UO RSS. This helps us process the Transmittal and manage the records more efficiently.

Step 4: Send the Transmittal Paperwork

  1. Fill out a University Archives Transmittal Request (online form). 
    1. Attach the inventory list created using the Excel template to the online form. 
    2. Save a copy of the form and inventory list for your records.
    3. Submit only one transmittal form for each shipment of records.
  2. Wait for email confirmation; staff will manually review your Transmittal Request.
    1. Do not drop off your records before receiving this confirmation.
    2. Delivery instructions will be provided after the Transmittal Request is approved and confirmed. 

Electronic Records

Email University Archivist for more information.