Research Assistance

Reference Hours

Help is generally available at the Price Science Commons & Research Library from 9:30-5, Monday through Thursday, and 9:30-4 on Fridays, during academic sessions.  During other hours, check with the Circulation and Information desk.

Chat Reference

Science Librarians

You may contact the following librarians directly for research assistance:

Dean Walton 6-2871 Biology, Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences, Neurosciences

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski 6-2663 Human Physiology

Kristin Buxton 6-2654 Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics

Science-Related Research Guides by Subject

All library research guides are listed under Research Guides at the top of each page.  The page will give you the full list, but you can narrow by "group" to ones owned by the Price Science Commons & Research Library, or you can look by subject or search for keywords in the box at the top of the list.  We maintain guides for Biology, Chemistry, HPHY, Physics, Neuroscience, Geology, Environmental Studies, and CIS, as well as a number of guides related to specific courses.