DeArmond MakerSpace Equipment List

The following equipment is available for use. Please note that items with a * require you to first attend a training workshop or receive individual training on demand if staff are available. Remember, the MakerSpace hours are not as extensive as the library's, so plan ahead to have time to complete your work.  If you'd like to reserve a time slot for a machine on which you have been trained, see the calendar page.

  • *Laser Cutter (can be reserved)
  • 3D printers which print in PLA and can in some cases print in other materials.  You send us a file, we give you a quote, then you pay for the print and we print it.
  • *ShapeOko Router (can be reserved)
  • *SewTech Industrial Sewing machine for webbing and 3/8 leather (can be reserved)
  • *Brothers Embroidery Sewing machine and software (can be reserved)
  • Laser Scanner for 3D modeling
  • *Vinyl Plastic roll cutter for lettering and decals (cuts 8in wide vinyl sheets)
  • *Oscilloscope
  • *Bakerboard basic oscilloscope/breadboard (2)
  • Temperature controlled soldering iron
  • Basic soldering Iron (5)
  • *Drill Press
  • *Dremel Tool
  • *Scroll Saw
  • Hand tools
  • Calipers
  • Digital magnifier
  • 50 cm metal rulers
  • Cutting boards
  • Desktop vices & 3rd hands
  • Arduino microcontrollers (10 for checkout)
  • Shears
  • Gram/Oz Scale
  • Pop-rivet tool

DeArmond MakerSpace