Anatomage Table

The Price Science Commons houses an Anatomage Table, which allows life-size rendering of human anatomy structures that can be rotated, manipulated, categorized, and "dissected" digitally by students of anatomy.  

The table includes full digital representations of several human cadavers as well as case studies of many anatomical abnormalities to allow students to see, for example, MRI images of a healthy and a diseased or deformed organ or structure.  Instructors can create modules and quizzes which students can perform using these digital cadavers, allowing the quiz to be identical for each user and allowing the instructor to highlight exactly the structure being studied with no degradation of the cadaver structure.  The table is located in Price Science Commons room B014.

Here is an example of a teaching video made using the table:

For more information about the table, or to talk about what kinds of images (still, video, slide, etc) can be created, check with Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, who is the Singer Science Librarian and the subject liaison for Human Physiology.