Technology Sandbox

The UO Portland Library and Learning Commons manages a collection of loaner equipment available to the UO Portland community.  All of these devices are available for loan from the Library service desk. Check item availability in LibrarySearch. Available items include basic Windows 10 laptops, voice recorder, noise cancelling headphones, USB Blu-ray/DVD/CD drive, USB flash drives, card readers, and a variety of connectors, adapters, and cables. More unique items include puzzles, a cordless engraver and light therapy lamps.


computer mice, chargers, headphones

Phone and laptop chargers, headphones, keyboards, and mice


Wacom Intuos medium drawing tablets with stylus


Wacom Inkling

magic wand scanner

Magic Wand hand-held scanner


GoPro Hero camera kit


Digital SLR camera kits and accessories

Headsets and Microphones

Headsets and Microphones

canon video camera

Canon Vixia digital video camera

Light Therapy Energy Lamp

Light Therapy Energy Lamp