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John E. Jaqua Law Library Research Guides

The Law Library staff has recently begun to revise its collection of library guides. Designed primarily as handouts for use at the Reference Desk, these guides are intended to provide a brief orientation to particular areas of legal research, or specific research tools. Not all guides are currently available on the Internet, though most will eventually be added. All guides are available in hardcopy at the Reference Desk.

Recommended Law Research Guides

Research guides from other law schools that orient users to particular areas of legal research and provide a list of specific research tools.  The sites listed provide a wide array of research guides, from basic legal research to specific areas of law, that are excellent starting points for unfamiliar areas of legal research.

UO Libraries Research Guides

Research guides for other subject areas, including a general research guide for law.

Web Resources by Topic

These are simply collections of links for some of the more commonly researched topics at the Law School.

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