James Ingebretsen Memorial Travel Fellowship

This fellowship is sponsored by UO Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Oregon. The award is for use in 2022-2023.

Purpose: The James Ingebretsen Memorial Travel Fellowship encourages research within the conservative and libertarian manuscript collections at the University of Oregon Libraries. These significant holdings reflect the conservative movement in the last half of the twentieth century and the early twentieth-first century. Papers include those of James Ingebretsen, Pedro Del Valle, Elgin Groseclose, Merwin Hart, Granville Knight, Robert LeFevre, Eugene Lyons, William Mullendore, Polly King Ruhtenberg, Marjorie Shearon, the Keith Stimely Collection on Revisionist History and Neo-Fascist Movements, among many others.

Fellowship description: This award supports travel for the purpose of research on these papers housed in SCUA. These short-term research fellowships are open to undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, college and university faculty at every rank, and independent scholars working in this field. In 2022, two awards of $5,000 each will be awarded to conduct research within these collections. The fellowship selection committee will include representatives from the UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) and selected academic faculty.

Fellows will:

  • Complete their research at the University of Oregon within a year of award notification;
  • Submit a 1,000-word (maximum) essay on their research topic for possible inclusion in publications and the Special Collections and University Archives’ blog.
  • Meet with representatives from SCUA during their visit to Eugene;
  • Provide an informal Q & A talk on their research at a brown-bag forum in the UO Libraries during the research visit;
  • Submit a separate paragraph to SCUA documenting the specific collections consulted during the fellowship;
  • Submit a copy of their final project or publication to SCUA;
  • Acknowledge the James Ingebretsen Memorial Travel Fellowship and its sponsor, UO Special Collections and University Archives, in all publications resulting from the research fellowship.

Applicants must submit by 5 p.m. Friday, August 5, 2022:

  • A 1,000-word (maximum) proposal that describes the project for which these collections will be consulted, as well as the role that the applicant expects these collections will play in the project;
  • An anticipated budget for the research visit;
  • A two-page curriculum vitae or resume;
  • Full contact information;
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Applicant’s name must be written on each page of the application;

Applications (as PDF attachments) and questions should be emailed to Linda Long at spcfellowships@uoregon.edu