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Faculty Options for Submissions to Scholars' Bank

Content may include, but is not limited to, articles, presentations, conference papers, class lectures, working papers, and datasets. We have guidance regarding your rights as an author to self-archive articles, book chapters or other material in the institutional repository in our FAQ.

Please note that datasets require a consultation prior to submission, and will generally be submitted by library staff.

Option 1: Faculty or a designated representative submit their own work

  • Faculty member or a designated representative logs in to Scholars' Bank, follows prompts, and submits their work.
  • For more details, please see our FAQ regarding the submission process.
  • Library staff will review submissions prior to making them publicly available .

Option 2: Faculty contact Library and ask them to submit materials on their behalf

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the Institutional Repository Manager for assistance or visit Digital Scholarship Services