UO Licensed GIS Data

  • GIS @ UO: projects and programs across campus.
  • ESRI GIS: students, staff and faculty may install the full ESRI suite of products at home or in their offices.

Available GIS Data at the UO

GIS Resources at UO - There is a variety of base and thematic data available for free download via the web site.  We have tried to link to the most commonly requested layers such ad elevation models, orthophoto quads, DRGs for Oregon.

UO Licensed GIS Data - The Libraries have GIS data accessible from the Libraries' computers that require login. This data is made available to UO students, faculty, and staff through agreements with the data creators and may be used for research and instruction purposes. IT may not be used for commercial purposes or accessed by non-UO persons.

Data on Disk

Due to licensing restrictions and technical limitations, much of our data can only be distributed on disk. Assistance with finding and using data in our collections is generally available during regular business hours.