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Meet some homegrown library talents, celebrate an Oscar victory, revisit Rajneeshpuram, and delve into rare books of the Reformation in the latest issue of our award-winning publication.
Former UO Libraries student employee Lauren Amaro '18 writes about her internship that led to a job with Marvel Comics
Archival photo gallery and video footage from Special Collections and University Archives
TV shows for checkout
From vinyl to VR: resources for learning and fun
Discover and read the library’s scholarly journals on the Web or your portable device
This infographic illustrates how fair use advances innovation, creativity, and scholarship, allowing new knowledge to be created and shared.
Cara Murray
Cara Murray sits down with UO Libraries to discuss her work as a Library Student Assistant 1 in the Architecture & Allied Arts Library.
Claire McFadden
Claire McFadden sits down with UO Libraries to discuss her work as a LSA 4 in Lending Services at the Knight Library.
Ayantu Megerssa
Ayantu Megerssa sits down with UO Libraries to discuss her work at Lending Services located in the Knight Library.
screenshot of YouTube video
Special Collections and University Archives curators discuss his legacy.
Want to learn more about "Wild Wild Country?" Special Collections holds a definitive collection of documents and artifacts.
See all the newest materials in the library--books, CDs, e-books, databases, streaming media, and more. Filter by subject. Updated daily!
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