Shared Governance

Library Faculty and Officers of Administration (LFOA)

The Library Career Faculty and Library Officers of Administration (OAs), collectively designated as the LFOA of the University of Oregon Libraries, includes all library personnel holding academic rank and all library personnel appointed as officers of administration. The LFOA group considers matters of mutual interest, promotes better communication, and provides a forum for democratic participation in policy making in the Libraries.

Classified Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC)

The Classified Staff Advisory Commitee works to solicit concerns and suggestions from classified staff and pass them on to library administration; to provide an avenue for classified staff to offer meaningful input into library planning, policies and programs; to advocate for classified staff regarding issues of organizational morale; and to recommend mechanisms for improving communication between library administration and classified staff.

University Library Committee

The University Senate's Library Committee is responsible for advising University Administration on library affairs, serving in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Libraries, acting as a liaison between the UO Libraries and faculty, and providing a faculty perspective on budgetary matters.

Advancement Council

The Library Advancement Council, made up of alumni and friends, is a critical part of the library's fundraising and outreach efforts. In addition to their philanthropic support of the library, Council members are engaged in advocacy, fundraising, and stewardship.