Course Reserves Information for Faculty

Course Reserves are required materials held at service desks for students to check out on a short-term basis, usually hourly, in order to complete coursework.

Place Material on Course Reserves

  1. Instructors can place material on Course Reserves at any UO library.
  2. Use a Reserve Request List (Adobe PDF) for personal or library owned material; deliver the form, along with any personal material, to any library Checkout desk.
  3. Use the Course Reserves Form for library-owned materials. We will page material and process material for you.
  4. Use the Faculty/GE Course Reserves Order Form for items not already owned by the Libraries. New orders usually require six to eight weeks to acquire.

Types of Material and Limitations

  1. With the exception of library-use-only material (e.g. noncirculating reference materials, archived material in Special Collections/University Archives), material owned by the UO Libraries may be placed on Course Reserves.
  2. Course Reserves is not an appropriate placement for lists of supplemental or additional readings.
  3. Service desks may set limits on how many copies of an item can be held within space limitations; a good estimation is one copy per 50 students enrolled.
  4. Personal material (textbooks, course packets, videos, etc.) can also be placed on Course Reserves. UO Libraries is not responsible for material that is lost or damaged while on reserve. Please clearly label personal items so we can return them at the end of the term. We will need to put a barcode and call number sticker on each item.
  5. UO Libraries does not currently offer an Electronic Course Reserves service.
  6. Interlibrary Loan/Summit items cannot be placed on Course Reserves.


  1. Whenever possible, requests should be submitted two weeks before the beginning of the term to ensure material is ready for your students by the first week of class.
  2. After the first week of the term, our processing time is about two business days. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.
  3. Use the Course Reserves Order Form if you need material purchased for reserve. These requests usually require six to eight weeks to process, so please plan accordingly.
  4. Reserve material is removed after each term, and instructor-owned items are returned via campus mail.

Course Reserves Contact Information

Design Library: Jennifer Bath, 541-346-1867
Knight Library: Sophia Pankowski, 541-346-0753
Law Library: Ben Farrell, 541-346-1658
Portland Library and Learning Commons: Paula Martin, 503-412-3672
Science & Math Libraries: Jennifer Bath, 541-346-2203