Asian Collection

General Information

Second Floor, Knight Library

1299 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1299

Kevin McDowell, Japanese Studies Librarian

Xiaotong Wang, Chinese Studies Specialist

Established in 1967, the University of Oregon's Asian Collection is the largest collection of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language materials in the state of Oregon. Unique in content, the Asian Collection serves not only the students and faculty of the University of Oregon, but other educational institutions as well as businesses and citizens statewide.

Located in the Knight Library, the Asian Collection contains more than 81,000 volumes of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials and more than 400 current journal titles. In addition more than 1,000 volumes of Chinese and Japanese art-history materials are available in the Architecture and Allied Arts Library. Approximately 200 volumes of Asian vernacular materials are located in the Knights Library's Special Collections division, including an excellent collection of Christian missionary papers, diaries and correspondence. Twenty thousand volumes of western language materials in the Knight Library's general collection provide additional support for research in Asian topics.

The Chinese Language Collection

In 1988, the Chinese language portion of the Asian Collection was the thirtieth largest collection of Chinese materials in North America. Containing more than 41,000 volumes of vernacular materials and 260 currently received journal titles, the Chinese collection maintains strengths in the fields of modern fiction, art history, and in Qing and post-imperial history. The collection is growing in the areas of social sciences, in Ming dynasty history, in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, and in materials relating to Fujian province.

The Japanese Language Collection

The Japanese language collection contains more than 40,000 volumes and 146 journals. It is the twenty-second largest collection of its kind in North America. The collection maintains strengths in art history, religion, history, and Japanese Literature. The collection is increasing its holdings in classical literature, the social sciences, and in materials relating to the teachings of Japanese language.

The Korean Language Collection

Korean language material accounts for the smallest portion of the Asian Collection because Korean Studies are not yet a part of the university curriculum. The library's Korean language collection constitutes a strong foundation for future growth and enhancements of existing strengths in Korean literature and language and Korean history.

The Thai Language Collection

The Library's Thai language material numbers nearly two thousand. Strengths include Buddhism, Thai history, literature, and culture. In 2005, a generous gift of materials from Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) and the Royal Family of Thailand, greatly enhanced existing holdings. The gift of more than 1,200 books consists of materials from the personal collections of Thailand's Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Grand Chamberlain Khwankeo Vajarodaya, and other Thai government and academic leaders.

The Vietnamese Language Collection

Slightly smaller than the Thai collection, the Vietnamese language collection is a nucleus collection for the study of one of Asia's most important nations. The collection covers literature, history, and general culture.