Notification of Use

UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) asks that users seeking to publish, display, or distribute any item from the SCUA holdings notify SCUA of their intended use by completing this form. This enables SCUA to collect data necessary for enhancing user access.

Permission fees and a licensing agreement may apply if the UO Libraries owns copyright to the items requested for use. If so, you will receive an invoice from the UO Libraries Billing Department, and SCUA will prepare a licensing agreement. We will not sign externally created licensing agreements.

Submissions are reviewed on a weekly basis.

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Use Policy
  1. Permitted Use: Permission is granted for non-exclusive, one-time use only in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide and in perpetuity, only in connection with the project listed below. The digitized asset may not be used for any subsequent publication, edition or website use without express prior written approval from UOSCUA. Only files supplied by UOSCUA may be used for reproduction. No second-generation photography or downloading or copying of UOSCUA files from any other source is permitted.
  2. Non-Permitted Manipulations: Requester may not crop, alter, superimpose, enhance, colorize, or otherwise change the historic record in a manner that distorts its authenticity without obtaining the prior written permission of UOSCUA.
  3. Copyright and Third Party Rights: This permission extends only to such rights as UOSCUA may have to authorize reproduction and does not purport to include any rights that persons other than UOSCUA may have under copyright law of the United States or the laws of other countries in which the requester’s works may be published or distributed. Certain materials may be protected by copyright, trademark, privacy, or publicity rights, or other interests not owned by UOSCUA. It is requester’s responsibility to determine whether any such third party rights exist, to obtain all necessary permissions to use the item for the purposes set forth herein, and to pay any additional fees, if required, by other rights claimants.
  4. Assignment: Requester may license, assign, and otherwise transfer this permission and all rights granted to the University of Oregon under this Agreement to any person or entity. Any such proposed license, assignment, or transfer is subject to the prior written consent of the University, which consent is not to be unreasonably withheld.
  5. Liability: Requester agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the University of Oregon and its Board of Trustees, offices, and employees, from and against any and all liability, including costs and expenses, based on the violation of rights of ownership, infringement of copyright, or invasion of privacy, or laws of libel, resulting from your use of the images.
  6. Credits: All reproductions of images must include a full credit line (see below) provided by UOSCUA or available on the UO Libraries website, including any copyright notice if specified by UOSCUA. Placement of such credit information shall be in the caption associated with the digitized asset or in an appropriate place within the publication (e.g., end credits or wherever similar credits appear) or on the website, for electronic publications.
  7. Fees: If fees are assessed, requester must pay all fees in U.S. dollars in accordance with instructions provided by the UO Libraries. Fees are non-refundable. 
  8. Advertising and Promotion: Any advertising or promotion by requester that uses the digital asset must be approved in advance by UOSCUA. Requester shall not use, reproduce, or refer to the name or logo of the University of Oregon or any of its units for publicity, advertising, or promotion purposes. Use of materials in any other productions in which segments of Program are included (e.g. "best of" shows, award shows, compilations, digital extras, etc.) must receive prior written approval of UOSCUA.
  9. Donation of Copy: Subject to the approval and policies of any exhibitor and/or distributor of the Project, the applicant will donate one copy of the final publication to SCUA no later than two months after the date of publication. Send to: University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives, 1299 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1299.
  10. Effect of Non-Compliance: Failure to comply with one or more of the conditions stated herein may result in the loss of any permission granted and the denial of future requests for reproductions. 
  11. Citation of Credit Line: Unless otherwise indicated, for all publications, both print and electronic, the credit line must include: [Identification of Item - e.g. folder title, image ID], Collection Name, Collection Number, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries.