Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship

This fellowship is sponsored by UO Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Oregon.

Purpose: The intention of the Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship is to encourage research within collections in the area of feminist science fiction. The UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) houses the papers of authors Ursula K. Le Guin, Joanna Russ, James Tiptree, Jr., Kate Wilhelm, Suzette Haden Elgin, Sally Miller Gearhart, Kate Elliot, Molly Gloss, Laurie Marks, and Jessica Salmonson, along with Damon Knight. SCUA is also in the process of acquiring the papers of other key feminist science fiction authors.

Fellowship description: This award supports travel for the purpose of research on, and work with, the papers of feminist science fiction authors housed in SCUA. These short-term research fellowships are open to undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, college and university faculty at every rank, and independent scholars working in feminist science fiction. In 2023, $3,000 will be awarded to conduct research within these collections. The fellowship selection committee will include representatives from the UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) and selected UO faculty.

Fellows will:

  • Complete their research at the University of Oregon within a year of award notification;
  • Submit a 1,000-word (maximum) essay on their research topic for possible inclusion in publications;
  • Meet with representatives from SCUA during their visit to Eugene;
  • Submit a separate paragraph to SCUA documenting the specific collections consulted during the fellowship;
  • Submit a copy of their final project or publication to SCUA;
  • Acknowledge the Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship and its sponsor, UO Special Collections and University Archives, in all publications resulting from the research fellowship.

Applicants must submit by 5 p.m. Friday, January 6, 2023:

  • A 1,000-word (maximum) proposal that describes the project for which these collections will be consulted, as well as the role that the applicant expects these collections will play in the project;
  • An anticipated budget for the research visit;
  • A two-page curriculum vitae or resume;
  • Full contact information;
  • Full name of applicant must appear on each page of the application;
  • Two letters of recommendation (must be submitted separately to Linda Long at llong@uoregon.edu)

Le Guin Fellows
2013: Kathryn Allan
2014 Andrew Ferguson
2014: Jennifer Rea
2015: adrienne maree brown
2016: Roxanne Samer
2017: Theodora Goss
2018: Alexandra Pollak
2019: Shelley Streeby
2020: R.B. Lemberg
2021: Joan Lubin
2022: Anna Ialeggio