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A listing of new items added to the John E. Jaqua Law Library Collections, updated bimonthly. 

    New Titles (April & May 2018)

    E99.C88 A48 2016    
    After the last river
    (Folsom, CA : Dark Hollow Films, 2015)

    HQ767.5.U5 J32 2016     
    ([Marfa, Texas] : [Last Clinic Film, LLC], 2016)

    HV700.7 D33 2016     
    Daddy don't go
    ([Brooklyn, NY] : Pureland Pictures, 2015)

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    HD60 .B454 2017    
    Changing sustainability norms through communication processes : the emergence of the business and human rights regime as transnational law
    Karin Buhmann / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017)

    HG3881.5.I58 M64 2018    
    What's wrong with the IMF and how to fix it
    Bessma Momani, Mark R. Hibben / (Cambridge, UK : Polity Press, 2018)

    KF1414 .Y67 2018     
    Corporate friction : how corporate law impedes American progress and what to do about it
    David Yosifon / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    KF1477 .U83 2018      
    Using legal project management in merger and acquisition transactions : a guidebook for managing deals efficiently and effectively
    Byron S. Kalogerou and Dennis J. White, editors / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Business Law Section, 2018)

    KF1511.61978 .A2 2018     
    The portable bankruptcy code & rules
    Sally McDonald Henry, editor / (Chicago, Illinois : ABA Business Law Section, 2018)

    KF1649 .S73 2018      
    State antitrust enforcement handbook
    (Chicago, Illinois : ABA, Section of Antitrust Law, 2018)

    KF1653 .D65 2018     
    DOJ civil antitrust practice and procedure manual
    (Chicago, Illinois : ABA Section of Antitrust Law, 2018)

    K3165 .T93 2018    
    Reclaiming constitutionalism : democracy, power and the state
    Maria Tzanakopoulou / (Oxford, UK : Hart Publishing, 2018)

    K3175 .L46 2018     
    Judicial review and contemporary democratic theory : power, domination and the courts
    Scott E. Lemieux and David J. Watkins / (New York, NY : Routledge, 2018)

    K3240 .M3778 2018    
    Extending rights' reach : constitutions, private law, and judicial power
    Jud Mathews / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    K3240 .Y333 2017     
    Rethinking human rights and global constitutionalism : from inclusion to belonging
    Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017)

    K3254 .H34 2017     
    Freedom of speech and information in global perspective
    Pekka Hallberg, Janne Virkkunen / (New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

    K3255 .A958 2018    
    Networked press freedom : creating infrastructures for a public right to hear
    Mike Ananny / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2018)

    K3258 .M34 2018      
    Freedom from religion and human rights law : strengthening the right to freedom of religion and belief for non-religious and atheist rights-holders
    Marika McAdam / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    KF228.W353 S85 2018     
    The impossibility of religious freedom
    Winnifred Fallers Sullivan / (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2018)

    KF4552 .P37 2018      
    Constitutional argument and institutional structure in the United States
    Nicholas Papaspyrou / (Oxford : Hart, 2018)

    KF4555.A25 D56 2018    
    State constitutional politics : governing by amendment in the American states
    John Dinan / (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018)

    KF4612 .C66 2018    
    Controversies in American federalism and public policy
    edited by Christopher P. Banks / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    KF4749 .M325 2018    
    The heart of the Constitution : how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights
    Gerard N. Magliocca / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    KF4755 .G65 2018    
    Is racial equality unconstitutional?
    Mark Golub / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    KF4772 .H35 2018     
    Liberal suppression : Section 501(c)(3) and the taxation of speech
    Philip Hamburger / (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018)

    KF4783 .M47 2017    
    When religious and secular interests collide : faith, law, and the religious exemption debate
    Scott A. Merriman / (Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, 2017)

    KF4945 .M39 2018     
    Failures of American methods of lawmaking in historical and comparative perspectives
    James R. Maxeiner / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    KF4945 .P37 2017    
    Politics over process : partisan conflict and post-passage processes in the U.S. Congress
    Hong Min Park, Steven S. Smith, and Ryan J. Vander Wielen / (Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2017)

    KF6442 .Z45 2017    
    Taxing the church : religion, exemptions, entanglement, and the constitution
    Edward A. Zelinsky / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KF8700 .O94 2017     
    The Oxford handbook of U.S. judicial behavior
    edited by Lee Epstein and Stefanie A. Lindquist / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KK4710 .S38 2017      
    Carl Schmitt's state and constitutional theory : a critical analysis
    Benjamin A. Schupmann / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017)

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    HM1126 .A49 2018     
    Alternative approaches in conflict resolution
    Martin Leiner, Christine Schliesser, editors / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    JC571 .N374 2017    
    Negotiating reconciliation in peacemaking : quandaries of relationship building
    Valerie Rosoux, Mark Anstey, editors / (Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2017)

    JZ6374 .C36 2017    
    The privatization of peacekeeping : exploring limits and responsibility under international law
    Lindsey Cameron / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017)

    JZ6385 .P43 2017    
    Peace and conflict 2017
    edited by David A. Backer, Ravi Bhavnani and Paul K. Huth / (New York : Routledge, 2018)

    K2390 .B53 2017    
    Understanding alternative dispute resolution
    Kristen M. Blankley, Maureen A. Weston / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2017)

    K4610 .W67 2017     
    A handbook on the WTO dispute settlement system
    prepared by the Legal Affairs Division and the Rules Division of the WTO Secretariat / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017)

    KF9084 .N44 2017     
    The negotiator's desk reference
    Christopher Honeyman, Andrea Kupfer Schneider, editors / (Saint Paul, Minn. : DRI Press, 2017)

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    HF5549.5.M5 D554 2014    
    Diversity at work : the practice of inclusion
    Bernardo M. Ferdman, editor, Barbara R. Deane, associate editor / (San Francisco : Wiley, 2014)

    LC1099.3 .L434 2017      
    Teaching interculturally : a framework for integrating disciplinary knowledge and intercultural development
    Amy Lee / (Sterling, Virginia : Stylus Publishing, LLC, 2017)

    LC3727 .C48 2018    
    Leading a diversity culture shift in higher education : comprehensive organizational learning strategies
    Edna Chun and Alvin Evans / (New York : Routledge, 2018)

    PN6747.S245 P4713 2003     
    Marjane Satrapi / (New York, NY : Pantheon Books, 2003)

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    G143 .T47 2018    
    Territory beyond terra
    edited by Kimberley Peters, Philip Steinberg, and Elaine Stratford / (London : Rowman & Littlefield International, 2018)

    G877 .O74 2017    
    The technocratic Antarctic : an ethnography of scientific expertise and environmental governance
    Jessica O'Reilly / (Ithaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2017)

    GE56.W28 A3 2018    
    The right to be cold : one woman's fight to protect the Arctic and save the planet from climate change
    Sheila Watt-Cloutier / (Minneapolis, MN : University of Minnesota Press, 2018)

    GE160.A6 A33 2016     
    Antarctica : the battle for the seventh continent
    Doaa Abdel-Motaal / (Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, 2016)

    GE160.A6 H68 2017   
    Frozen empires : an environmental history of the Antarctic Peninsula
    Adrian Howkins / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    GE160.A68 S76 2015     
    The changing Arctic environment : the Arctic Messenger
    David P. Stone / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    GE170 .E5754 2017    
    Environmental governance reconsidered : challenges, choices, and opportunities
    edited by Robert F. Durant, Daniel J. Fiorino, and Rosemary O'Leary / (Cambridge, MA : MIT Press, 2017)

    GE190.A43 A22 2018     
    The 21st century fight for the Amazon : environmental enforcement in the world's biggest rainforest
    Mark Ungar, editor / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    GE220 .R69 2018    
    Routledge handbook of human rights and climate governance
    edited by Sébastien Duyck, Sébastien Jodoin and Alyssa Johl / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    HC85 .G547 2017   
    The long road to sustainability : the past, present, and future of international environmental law and policy
    Alexander Gillespie / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    HD1436 .T55 2018    
    Political ecology, food regimes, and food sovereignty : crisis, resistance, and resilience
    Mark Tilzey / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    HD9578.A68 G69 2018    
    Governance of Arctic offshore oil and gas
    edited by Cécile Pelaudeix and Ellen Margrethe Basse / (London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)

    K3585 .F574 2017   
    Environmental law : a very short introduction
    Elizabeth Fisher / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    K3585 .R484 2017    
    Research methods in environmental law : a handbook
    edited by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Victoria Brooks / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017)

    K3585 .S33 2018   
    Legitimizing corporate harm : the discourse of contemporary agribusiness
    Jennifer L. Schally / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    K3585.5 .E75 2018     
    The protection of the marine environment against alien invasive species : international law and policy responses
    Nora-Phoebe-Erler / (The Hague, The Netherlands : Eleven International Publishing, 2018)

    K5278 .F67 2017     
    Forging a socio-legal approach to environmental harms : global perspectives
    edited by Tiffany Bergin and Emanuela Orlando / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2017)

    KF1686 .D36 2018    
    The law of agricultural land preservation in the United States
    Thomas L. Daniels and John C. Keene / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association,  Section of Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law, 2018)

    KF5569 .F74 2018    
    Water, community, and the culture of owning
    Eric T. Freyfogle / (Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, 2018)

    KF5575 .L37 2017    
    Inter-state water law in the United States of America : what lessons for international water law?
    Rhett Larson / (Leiden, The Netherlands : Koninklijke Brill NV, 2017)

    KZA1120.3 .L44 2017    
    Legal order in the world's oceans : UN Convention on the Law of the Sea
    edited by Myron H. Nordquist, John Norton Moore, Ronán Long / (Leiden, The Netherlands : Brill Nijhoff, 2018)

    KZA1145 .O33 2018    
    Ocean law debates : the 50-year legacy and emerging issues for the years ahead
    edited by Harry N. Scheiber, Nilufer Oral, Moon-Sang Kwon / (Leiden : Brill Nijhoff, 2018)

    KZA1667 .R68 2018    
    Arctic Ocean shipping : navigation, security, and sovereignty in the North American Arctic
    by Donald R. Rothwell / (Leiden : Brill, 2018)

    QC903.2.A68 N49 2016    
    The new Arctic governance
    edited by Linda Jakobson and Neil Melvin / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2016)

    QC981.8.C5 G666 2010   
    How to cool the planet : geoengineering and the audacious quest to fix earth's climate
    Jeff Goodell / (Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010)

    SD387.O43 M33 2016   
    Nature's temples : the complex world of old-growth forests
    Joan Maloof ; illustrated by Andrew Joslin / (Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2016)

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    HQ767.5.U5 W38 2018     
    Scarlet A : the ethics, law and politics of ordinary abortion
    Katie Watson / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    HQ783 .T95 2017     
    Why children follow rules : legal socialization and the development of legitimacy
    Tom R. Tyler and Rick Trinker / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    HQ1033 .G56 2018    
    Global perspectives on same-sex marriage : a neo-institutional approach
    Bronwyn Winter, Maxime Forest, Réjane Sénac, editors / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    KF505.5 .A949 2018    
    Putting children's interests first in U.S. family law and policy : with power comes responsibility
    Helen M. Alvare / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    KF538 .K83 2017    
    Conjugal misconduct : defying marriage law in the twentieth-century United States
    William Kuby / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    KF539 .H475 2018     
    Making it legal : a guide to same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships & civil unions
    Attorney Frederick C. Hertz with Emily Doskow / (Berkeley, CA : Nolo, 2018)

    KF547 .H97 2018    
    Parenting plans : meeting the challenges with facts and analysis
    Daniel J. Hynan / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Family Law, 2018)

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    CB451 .S23 2017      
    The touch of civilization : comparing American and Russian internal colonization
    Steve Sabol / (Boulder, Colorado : University Press of Colorado, 2017)

    DT433.577 .D425 2017     
    Dedan Kimathi on trial : colonial justice and popular memory in Kenya's Mau Mau rebellion
    edited by Julie MacArthur / (Athens : Ohio University Press, 2017)

    G615 .C97 2015     
    The high North : between geography and politics
    Ryszard M. Czarny / (Cham [Switzerland] : Springer, 2015)

    G615 .G68 2016     
    Governing the North American Arctic : sovereignty, security, and institutions
    edited by Dawn Alexandrea Berry, Nigel Bowles and Halbert Jones / (New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

    G615 .N49 2015     
    The new Arctic
    Birgitta Evengård, Joan Nymand Larsen, Øyvind Paasche, editors / (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2015)

    GF891 .H47 2017    
    Heritage and change in the Arctic : resources for the present, and the future
    edited by Robert C. Thomsen and Lill Rastad Bjørst / (Aalborg [Denmark] : Aalborg University Press, 2017)

    GV673.Z33 L56 2017     
    Localizing global sport for development
    Iain Linsey, Tess Kay, Ruth Jeanes and Davies Banda / (Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017)

    HC735 .C43 2016      
    The changing Arctic and the European Union : a book based on the report "Strategic assessment
    of the development of the Arctic : assessment conducted for the European Union"

    edited by Adam Ste̜pień, Timo Koivurova, Paula Kankaanpää / (Leiden : Brill Nijhoff, 2016)

    HC800 .L36 2018    
    Neo-colonialism and the poverty of 'development' in Africa
    Mark Langan / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    HV8593 .C654 2018    
    Confronting torture : essays on the ethics, legality, history, and psychology of torture today
    edited by Scott A. Anderson and Martha C. Nussbaum / (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018)

    JC571 .F787 2018    
    The future of business and human rights : theoretical and practical considerations for a UN treaty
    edited by Jernej Letnar Černič, Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Intersentia, 2018)

    JC571 .H853 2018    
    Human rights : moral or political?
    edited by Adam Etinson / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    JC571 .L585 2018     
    Rooted cosmopolitans : Jews and human rights in the twentieth century
    by James Loeffler /  (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2018)

    JC599.A1 C66 2018     
    Contracting human rights : crisis, accountability, and opportunity
    edited by Alison Brysk, Michael Stohl / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018)

    JZ1517 .G74 2018      
    Greenland and the international politics of a changing Arctic : postcolonial paradiplomacy between high and low politics
    edited by Kristian Søby Kristensen and Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    JZ6405.W66 O94 2018    
    The Oxford handbook of gender and conflict
    edited by Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Naomi Cahn, Dina Francesca Haynes and Nahla Valji / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    K2146 .F379 2017      
    Judgeships in Iran : step down, you are a woman : a legal analysis of international human rights :
    a history of women's rights in Iran and women judges in the United States

    Dr. Delaram Farzaneh / (Lake Mary, FL, USA : Vandeplas Publishing, LLC, 2017)

    K3240 .L477 2018     
    Letters to the contrary : a curated history of the UNESCO human rights survey
    edited and introduced by Mark Goodale / (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2018)

    K3247 .H84 2018     
    Human rights dilemmas in the developing world : the case of marginalized populations at risk
    [edited by] E. Ike Udogu and Sambuddha Ghatak / (Lanham : Lexington Books, 2018)

    K3252 .P37 2018     
    The right to life in armed conflict
    Ian Park / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    K3820 .L56 2018     
    The misery of international law : confrontations with injustice in the global economy
    John Linarelli, Margot E Salomon, and Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    K3830 .Q87 2016    
    Bilateral investment treaty claims : the essentials
    Khawar Qureshi / (London : Wildy, Simmonds & Hill Publishing, 2016)

    K4700 .R49 2017    
    Empire, emergency, and international law
    John Reynolds / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017)

    KBP144 .A46 2018     
    Sharia compliant : a user's guide to hacking Islamic law
    Rumee Ahmed / (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2018)

    KBP144 .E87 2018     
    Shariah : what everyone needs to know
    John L. Esposito, Natana J. Delong-Bas / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    KE4219 .O94 2017    
    The Oxford handbook of the Canadian constitution
    edited by Peter Oliver, Patrick Macklem, and Nathalie Des Rosiers / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KF373.K36 A3 2018     
    Secrets and suspense : international law stories
    Julius Kaplan / (London : W.B. Sheridan Law Books, 2018)

    KJE5110 .G36 2017     
    North-south regional trade agreements as legal regimes : a critical assessment of the EU-SADC economic partnership agreement
    Clair Gammage / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017)

    KLB920 .R86 2018    
    Russia corporate, financial, and commercial law
    Scott Alexandr Shostak, Editor / (Chicago,  Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of International Law, 2018)

    KNN440 .C4423 2016    
    Chinese law in imperial eyes : sovereignty, justice, & transcultural politics
    Li Chen / (New York : Columbia University Press, 2016)

    KNS479 .H56 2018      
    Hindu law : a new history of Dharmaśāstra
    edited by Patrick Olivelle, Donald R. Davis, Jr. / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018)

    KQC660.N55 Y54 2017    
    The fairness "dilemma" in sharing the Nile waters : what lessons from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for international law?
    by Zeray Yihdego / (Leiden : Brill, 2017)

    KQC673 .M66 2017     
    Large-scale land investments in least developed countries : legal conflicts between investment and human rights protection
    Luis Tomás Montilla Fernández / (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017)

    KZ1262.R57 R57 2017     
    Risk and the regulation of uncertainty in international law
    edited by Mónika Ambrus, Rosemary Rayfuse, Wouter Werner / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KZ1275.5 .O94 2017    
    The Oxford handbook on the sources of international law
    edited by Samantha Besson and Jean d'Aspremont / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KZ4110.P65 E97 2017      
    The European Union and the Arctic
    edited by Nengye Liu, Elizabeth A. Kirk, Tore Henriksen / (Leiden : Brill Nijhoff, 2017)

    KZ4986 .H544 2017     
    Oppenheim's international law : United Nations
    Rosalyn Higgins, Philippa Webb, Dapo Akande, Sandesh Sivakumaran and James Sloan / (New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017)

    KZ6250 .B84 2017     
    Common interests in international litigation : a case study on natural resource exploitation disputes
    Claire Buggenhoudt / (Cambridge : Intersentia, 2017)

    KZ6530 .A75 2018      
    Children's rights and refugee law : conceptualising children within the Refugee Convention
    Samantha Arnold / (London : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)

    KZ7050 .H34 2018    
    Punishing atrocities through a fair trial : international criminal law from Nuremberg to the age of global terrorism
    Jonathan Hafetz / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    KZ7180 .W43 2018      
    A rhetorical crime : genocide in the geopolitical discourse of the Cold War
    Anton Weiss-Wendt / (New Brunswick : Rutgers University Press, 2018)

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    GV343.5 .K87 2019      
    Leadership and management in athletic training : an integrated approach
    Matthew R. Kutz / (Burlington, MA : Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019)

    HD57.7 .D488 2018     
    Radical inclusion : what the post-9/11 world should have taught us about leadership
    Martin Dempsey and Ori Brafman / ([United States] : Missionday, 2018)

    HD57.7 .L437436 2018    
    Leading beyond the ego : how to become a transpersonal leader
    edited by John Knights, Danielle Grant and Greg Young / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    HD57.7 .T7283 2018     
    Transformational leadership and not for profits and social enterprises
    edited by Kenneth Wiltshire, Asatha Malhotra, and Micheal Axelsen / (New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018)

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    JV6483 .P45 2018     
    America classifies the immigrants : from Ellis Island to the 2020 census
    Joel Perlmann / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018)

    JV7053 .S55 2018      
    Shifting boundaries : immigrant youth negotiating national, state and small town politics
    Alexis M. Silver / (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2018)

    K3268.3 .G54 2018      
    Refuge lost : asylum law in an interdependent world
    Daniel Ghezelbash / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    K3275 .I485 2017    
    Immigration policy in the age of punishment : detention, deportation, and border control
    edited by David C. Brotherton and Philip Kretsedemas / (New York : Columbia University Press, 2017)

    KF4819 .P36 2018      
    Immigration law and society
    John S.W. Park / (Cambridge, UK : Polity Press, 2018)

    DU422.8 .P37 2017      
    He reo wāhine : Māori women's voices from the nineteenth century
    Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla / (Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland University Press, 2017)

    DU624.65 .T48 2018     
    Defiant indigeneity : the politics of Hawaiian performance
    Stephanie Nohelani Teves / (Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, 2018)

    E78.N7 J37 2018      
    Declared defective : Native Americans, eugenics, and the myth of Nam Hollow
    Robert Jarvenpa / (Lincoln, Nebraska : University of Nebraska Press, 2018)

    E93 .F76 2016      
    Policing American Indians : a unique chapter in American jurisprudence
    Laurence Armand French / (Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)

    E98.C87 C695 2018     
    Crime and social justice in Indian country
    edited by Marianne O. Nielsen and Karen Jarratt-Snider / (Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2018)

    E98.S77 B67 2018     
    Otter's journey through Indigenous language and law
    Lindsay Keegitah Borrows / (Vancouver : UBC Press, 2018)

    E99.C5 M553 2015    
    Ties that bind : the story of an Afro-Cherokee family in slavery and freedom
    Tiya Miles / (Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2015)

    E99.K16 K46 2017     
    My life [reminiscences of a Grand Ronde Reservation childhood]
    by Louis Kenoyer  / (Corvallis, OR : Oregon State University Press, 2017)

    E99.T187 S36 2018      
    The Tanana chiefs : native rights and western law
    William Schneider / (Fairbanks, AK : University of Alaska Press, 2018)

    G620 .S894 2016     
    Unfreezing the Arctic : science, colonialism, and the transformation of Inuit lands
    Andrew Stuhl / (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016)

    GF891 .I53 2016    
    Indigenous peoples' governance of land and protected territories in the Arctic
    Thora Martina Herrmann, Thibault Martin, editors / (Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2016)

    GN33.6 .B78 2018     
    Savage kin : indigenous informants and American anthropologists
    Margaret M. Bruchac / (Tucson, Arizona : University of Arizona Press, 2018)

    GN380 .L556 2018     
    Global politics and its violent care for indigeneity : sequels to colonialism
    Marjo Lindroth, Heidi Sinevaara-Niskanen / (Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

    JF1061 .P537 2018      
    Vernacular sovereignties : indigenous women challenging world politics
    Manuela Lavinas Picq / (Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2018)

    KEO916 .C35 2018    
    Who controls the hunt? : First Nations, treaty rights, and wildlife conservation in Ontario, 1783-1939
    David Calverley / (Vancouver : UBC Press, 2018)

    KIB422 .F74 2018    
    The wetiko legal principles : Cree and Anishinabek responses to violence and victimization
    Hadley Louise Friedland / (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2018)

    PS153.I52 J878 2018      
    Why Indigenous literatures matter
    Daniel Heath Justice / (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2018)

    R154.P53 S73 2016     
    A warrior of the people : how Susan La Flesche overcame racial and gender inequality to become America's first Indian doctor
    Joe Starita / (New York : St. Martin's Press, 2016)

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    K721.5 .P76 2018      
    Property, place, and piracy
    edited by James Arvanitakis and Martin Fredriksson / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2018)

    K1401.5 .P76 2017     
    Protecting traditional knowledge : the WIPO intergovernmental committee on intellectual property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore
    edited by Daniel F. Robinson, Ahmed Abdel-Latif and Pedro Roffe / (Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2017)

    K1420.5 .M44 2018     
    Authors, users, and pirates : copyright law and subjectivity
    James Meese / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2018)

    KF1262 .H37 2018    
    Privacy's blueprint : the battle to control the design of new technologies
    Woodrow Hartzog / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018)

    KF3030.1 .M33 2018     
    DMCA handbook for online service providers, websites, and copyright owners
    Connie J. Mableson / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law, 2018)

    KF3114 .L36 2018     
    Understanding patent law
    Amy L. Landers / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2018)

    KF3114.85 .D87 2018      
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