PSC Visualization Lab & Makerspace

There are two spaces in the Price Science Commons dedicated to hands-on learning: the Visualization Lab and the DeArmond MakerSpace.

Visualization Lab

The Visualization Lab is available to UO faculty, GTFs, and others who need high-resolution images on a big screen for research or instruction, or for videoconferencing, or who would like to make use of the room's capacity to display material from multiple inputs side by side. Please note that advance reservation is required because we'll need to authorize access to the room's computers and work out any special software needs in advance of your use. For Fall 2020, the room wiill be limited to six occupants. More information about the lab is available on the Viz Lab page

DeArmond MakerSpace

The MakerSpace is available to the UO community -- faculty, students, staff -- for creating objects using 3D printing; the router; the sewing equipment; the cutting equipment; and/or the electronics.  Workshops and trainings are held frequently, and are required before some of the equipment is available to individuals.  For Fall 2020, the MakerSpace will usually only allow one person (plus staff) at a time; please reserve the space in advance.  We also won't be doing in-person trainings until there is a safe way to do so in an enclosed environment.  More information about the MakerSpace, training, and reservations is available on the MakerSpace page.

Hands laying out embrodery and another pair of hands working on electronics