UO Portland Rooms & Spaces

Reserve a library room the same day or up to several weeks in advance. Visit the library service desk for free earplugs and to borrow equipment including noise cancelling headphones, chargers and more. See below for additional study space options.

Library room policies and use guidelines

Additional Student Spaces

All current UO Portland students have access to the Student Lounge located on the main floor of White Stag. UO Portland Academic Affairs makes available general pool classrooms and event spaces for use as study space when classes and events are not held. These arrangements can be made in advance using their request form. Immediate requests can be made by phone to UO Portland Event Services at (503) 412-3699.

UO Portland Student Lounge 
UO Portland Student Lounge (WSB 105)

UO Portland Classroom (WSB 150)

UO Portland Classroom (WSB 152)