Supporting Music in the UO Libraries

Employees across several units of the UO Libraries work to support the Music collections, services, and facilities available in Knight Library.  We work collaboratively to assist patrons with finding, researching, and utilizing library music resources.

Who We Are

Ann Shaffer, Music and Dance Librarian

Department: Teaching and Liaison Services - Arts & Humanities Team

Ann Shaffer is the Music and Dance Librarian at the University of Oregon, and is a member of the Arts & Humanities Team.  She is responsible for collection development in the areas of music and dance, providing research assistance to music and dance researchers and practitioners, providing classroom-based and workshop instruction for music and dance areas, outreach to library users in music and dance, and cataloging scores and sound recordings. She also serves as liaison to the School of Music and Dance.  Contact Ann if you have instruction requests, need assistance with research or instructional design, want to suggest a library purchase related to music or dance, or would like to discuss a potential donation of music or dance materials.

You can also make an appointment for a research consultation with Ann.



Jimmy Murray, Technology Specialist & Student Supervisor

Department: Research & Learning Spaces

Jimmy Murray is the manager of Research & Learning Spaces. He oversees operations and student employees in multiple library research spaces with specialized technologies, including the Douglass Room and the DREAM Lab in Knight Library, and the Experiential Learning Spaces in the Price Science Library. Contact Jimmy with questions related to the booking and use of Douglass Room technology facilities and classroom space, and about student employment in the Douglass Room.



Mitch Hughey, Music Cataloger & Metadata Technician

Department: Resource Description Services

Mitch Hughey is the Music Cataloger & Metadata Technician.  He is responsible for cataloging music scores and audio recordings, receiving approval plan scores, and providing guidance on the processing and housing of music and audio materials.  Contact Mitch if you need to request rush cataloging on a score or recording that is still in process.