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Research Data Management


To learn more about arranging a workshop, scheduling a consultation, or suggesting or learning more about the resources that we offer, please contact us!

Research Data Management Services

For services including workshops and consultations about Data Management Plans (DMPs) and related topics such as data acquisition, management, sharing, and ownership:


Brian Westra, Lorry I. Lokey Science Data Services Librarian,

Social Sciences and Humanities

Jonathan Cain, Librarian for Data Initiatives and Public Policy, Planning and Management,

Other Services

Academic Publishing

For services including data archiving in the University's institutional repositories: UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Center

Software and Inventions

For services relating to research project output: Office of Innovation Partnership Services (formerly Technology Transfer)


For college-specific computing resources: Please see our Data Backup and Storage page

General Questions

For general questions, comments, or suggestions: Please contact us at

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