Booking AV Material to Support Instruction

UO Faculty and GEs can book audio and video material to support their instruction. Booking requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible, but at least four business days before the expected use. Please consider shipping time when booking material that needs to travel through mail. Booking requests are submitted and confirmed via LibrarySearch.

Instructors who would like a student or assistant to pick up booked material on their behalf should contact a staff person at the appropriate checkout desk in advance. Faculty may also ask their library proxy to pick up material.

Audio and video items may be booked for up to six days. Items on Course Reserves may only be booked for four hours.

If you need technology support, please contact UO Information Services.

Booking Instructions

  • Locate the video or audio recording using LibrarySearch
  • Click "Find in a library"
  • Click "Request UO item"
  • Select Request Type “Booking”
  • Select a pickup location (generally material must be picked up at the owning library, although booked material can be sent to/from the Eugene campus and OIMB/Portland campuses)
  • Enter the date and time for pickup
  • Enter the date and time by which you will return the material
  • Optional: Enter any special instructions in the comments box
  • Click “Request”

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