Course Reserves FAQs

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are materials required for coursework that are placed in specially designated areas within the library and given shortened loan periods. Course Reserves include library- and instructor-owned books, videos, audio recordings, and other relevant materials in support of instruction.

Does the library have copies of everything for everyone on Course Reserves?

Putting materials on reserve for most courses requires the instructor to initiate the process, and we don't have space to maintain a copy for everyone. We typically have between 1 and 4 copies of the materials for any given course that utilizes the Course Reserves service. The intent is for everyone to check out, use, and return the materials within small windows of time, so the materials can be shared efficiently.

How can I tell if my instructor put their required material on Course Reserves?

Select the Course Reserves tab at the top of any library webpage and then search by either instructor's name or by course to find titles and call numbers of materials on reserve for your class.

Where can I find and check out material on Course Reserves?

Course Reserves collections are at the Checkout & Information Desks in the following locations.

  • Design Library
  • Knight Library
  • Law Library
  • Math Library
  • Portland Library and Learning Commons
  • Science Library

What if the material I need is not on Course Reserves?

Check with your instructor. Oftentimes the material you seek will be available digitally within Canvas. It is also possible that they have not yet placed items on Course Reserves, in which case please recommend to your professor to fill out the Course Reserve Request Form.

I need to watch a VHS/DVD that is on Course Reserves and I don't have a VCR/DVD player. Where can I watch it?

There are four DVD and VHS viewing stations near the Technology Help Desk on the first floor of Knight Library.

What are the charges for overdue Course Reserves items?

Late fee: $3.00/hour

Lost item fee: minimum $75 replacement charge plus $20 service charge plus any accrued late fees

I'm teaching a class. How do I put my course-required materials on Course Reserves?

Please see our Course Reserves information for faculty page.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Course Reserves?

Design Library Reserves: Jennifer Bath, 541-346-2203
Knight Library Reserves: Sophia Pankowski, 541-346-0753
Law Library: Ben Farrell, 541-346-8271
Science/Math Libraries: Jennifer Bath, 541-346-2203
Portland Library and Learning Commons: Paula Martin 503-412-3671