Course Reserve Request Form

Digitization of Materials

If you need Adobe PDF copies of articles, book chapters, or other print media that we own, please submit a Scan and Deliver request. You can then upload materials to your Canvas site. The Canvas Support Team can help answer questions.

Due to licensing restrictions and copyright compliance considerations, we are unable to digitize media for inclusion into Canvas or for classroom use at this time. If you need a format we don't have access to, work with your subject librarian to locate a suitable option.

We are not able to scan and return digital copies of personally-owned materials. However, there are scanners in most of the libraries that you can use for free.

Print Materials

Please bring personal materials to be placed on reserve to the library and complete a reserve request form at that time. Please refer to the University's FERPA policy if you are submitting student work to be put on course reserves.

Please use the online Faculty/GE Course Reserves Order Form to request new items not owned by the libraries.

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How long materials can check out. 90 minutes and 4 hours are the most common choices and do allow overnight use.
You will receive a confirmation email for each submission.