Trial Databases

The UO Library has trial access to the databases listed below. As part of the evaluation process, we would like to receive comments from library patrons about the usefulness of these databases. Comments can be submitted in the box at the bottom of the page. When you select the link for the database, the database will open in a new window, allowing you to easily return to this window to submit comments.

To access these trial databases from off-campus, you must log into the UO VPN Client software.

Below are the trial databases currently available, listed in alphabetical order:


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AIP COVID-19 Content

AIP Publishing has identified a collection of research articles relevant to infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics, and made them free to read.

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American Association of Pediatrics COVID-19 Pediatric Collection

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives, we recognize the sacrifices you are making on behalf of us all. We understand that your time is valuable. To assist you in your important work, a new OPEN ACCESS COVID-19 Pediatric Collection has launched.

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American Society for Microbiology COVID-19 Research Registry

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is committed to connecting your institution’s pat rons to the science they need and want, with the launc h of the COVID-19 Research Registry. The last few weeks h as seen COVID-19 scientifically connect the world in ways no one could have ever imagined. Access to relevant and time ly information is the key to the breakthrough that will end this global pandemic.

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Book Cube Digital Library [북큐브 전자 도서관]

  • E-books on Korean modern literature
  • Audio books on Korean modern literature
  • E-books on world literature

Access expires: 01/21/2021

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Brill COVID-19 Resources

More than 30 leading STM publishers have committed to making all of their COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications immediately accessible.

At Brill we have opened up books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research.

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教图免费数据库试用 China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd. (CEPIEC)

Access expires: 12/15/2020

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This platform aims to fight against the epidemic as soon as possible, and to facilitate the wide spread of research achievements across China and the world. It divides the research results of COVID-19 into 6 stages: Pathogeny, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prognosis and Nursing.

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COVID-19 Official Directives, Guidance & Resources

This site is designed to help you easily find and access Directives, Guidance, and Resources from Official Government sources in the United States. Coverage includes:

  • Federal
  • States
  • Select Municipalities
  • US Territories

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Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi)

The Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) is an index of literature and research from 1926 to the present that informs teaching, learning, and future directions of research in the field of dance education. It contains extensive descriptions of several thousand literary works including theses, dissertations, journal articles, conference proceedings and other documents fr om over 200+ different publications, more than 150 university dance programs, many organizations, government agencies, and individuals. In addition to providing basic citation information, the DELRdi provides detailed descriptive information on the methodology, techniques, and characteristics of the literature documented in the inde x. Full text of a document is included when permission is granted by the copyright holder. The DELRdi is the culminating product of a three-year research project suppo rted by the United States Department of Education (2001-2004).

Access expires: 11/15/2020

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The Dublin Castle Records 1798-1926

The Dublin Castle administration in Ireland was the government of Ireland under English and later British rule, from the twelfth century until 1922, based at Dublin Castle. Dublin Castle Records, 1798-1926 contains records of the British administration in Ireland prior to 1922, a crucial period which saw the rise of Parnell and the Land War in 1880 through to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1921. This collection comprises materials from Series CO 904, The National Archives, Kew, UK.

Access expires: 10/28/2020

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East View Resources

East View is offering temporary free access to the following resources to support online learning and research for students and researchers now unable to access physical library resources due to COVID-19.

Access expires: 12/15/2020

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EBSCO Faculty Select

EBSCO Faculty Select empowers academic libraries to directly support textbook affordability efforts. Through a single interface, faculty can search and access quality open textbooks, Open Educational Resources (OER), and request access to unrestricted library e-books from top academic publishers. By leveraging free open materials and low-cost library-licensed resources, faculty can transform their courses and reduce the cost burden for students.

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Food and Drink in History Module II

From feast to famine, explore primary source material documenting the story of food and drink throughout history. The materials in this collection illustrate the deep links between food and identity, politics and power, gender, race and socio-economic status, as well as charting key issues around agriculture, nutrition and food production.

Access expires: 11/12/2020

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JSTOR Plants & Society Collection

Plants & Society is a diverse collection focusing on the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and environmental implications and uses of plants by people. This interdisciplinary resource will include academic journals, research reports, and primary sources. Key thematic topics will include:

  • Ecology & Conservation
  • Horticulture, Gardens & Landscape
  • Plant History & Exploration
  • Useful Plants & Agriculture

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JSTOR Public Health

To help support the JSTOR community during this challenging time, we and our participating publishers have made 26 newly released Public Health journals available for free access through June 30, 2020. Topics addressed include Epidemiology, Health Policy and Administration, Occupational and Environmental Health, Health Equity and the Culture of Health, Aging, Bioethics, and Health Promotion.

Access expires: 12/31/2020

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Karger COVID-19 articles

Karger is making all published Coronavirus / COVID-19 articles freely available until the end of 2020, in order to support current research initiatives and community health.

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Mary Ann Liebert COVID-19 articles

Liebert has made, and will continue to make, all of their COVID-19 research content available for free.

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McGraw Hill Medical COVID-19 content

The AccessMedicine channel for the latest information on the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Moazine includes 213 Korean magazines currently published in South Korea.

Access expires: 10/31/2020

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National Emergency Library

Announcing the National Emergency Library, a collection of books that supports emergency remote teaching, research activities, independent scholarship, and intellectual stimulation while universities, schools, training centers, and libraries are closed.

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New England Journal of Medicine COVID-19 Resources

To help you provide trustworthy resources to your patrons, we have created this reference web page containing links to all freely available Covid-19 content from the New England Journal of Medicine, NEJM Journal Watch, NEJM Resident 360, and NEJM Catalyst. In addition to access to original research and other relevant articles, you will also find links to education resources, NEJM multimedia, and teaching resources as well as online journal club discussions hosted every two weeks by NEJM Resident 360, a benefit of your institution subscription.

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Ohio State University Knowledge Bank

For the duration of this crisis, all Ohio State University Press University Libraries’ Institutional Repository, The Knowledge Bank monographs, and the linguistics textbook language files, will be open and free to use.

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OnArchitecture is an audiovisual archive of architecture online, founded in 2012 by chilean architects Felipe De Ferrari and Diego Grass along with psychologist Claudio Mesa. It offers a deep and detailed panorama of the world’s main authors, works, experiences and issues related to the field of architecture. The database contains a series of videos of buildings and interviews with architects, artists and curators from around the world since 2007.

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Open Edition (Expanded Access)

Participating publishers on the list has opened up their content to users.

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ProQuest Coronavirus Resources

ProQuest has announced the launch of a Coronavirus Rese arch Database in response to the rapi dly growing need for authoritative co ntent related to the novel coronaviru s (COVID-19). The new cross-discipl inary resource enables researchers to search and discover full-text ar ticles, dissertations and other content from key publishers in one place.

Submit comment about this database here. Coronavirus Method Development Community is a centralized platform for creating and sharing research methods.

Note: Account will need to be created

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Quincy Jones’ Qwest TV EDU initiative

A streaming video channel founded by Quincy Jones, dedicated to jazz, soul, funk, and world music. Over 1000 videos, including live concert footage, documentaries, interviews, and archival footage. Descriptions for each video are written by journalists and music experts. Additional features include playlists curated by musical luminaries such as Chick Corea and Quincy Jones.

Access expires: 09/30/2021

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RCNI (Royal College of Nurses) COVID-19 Resources

To support the nursing commu nity RCNi have developed a dedicated COVID-19 resourc e centre that is completely free to access for all nurses and frontline NHS staff working with coronavirus patients.

Our COVID-19 resource centre is a great way for nurses to k eep up to date with the latest news and developments on COVID- 19 and what it means for nursing practice. It includes peer-rev iewed evidence-based articles and e-learning modules which addre ss some of the areas of care that COVID-19 patients may require, as well as resources designed to help staff stay well during this demanding and stressful period.

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Royal Society COVID-19 Collection

This special collection comprises some papers likely to be relevant to the outbreak.

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SAGE Coronavirus Research

This collection includes the latest medical research from SAGE related to the vi rus as well as top social and behavioral research t o help individuals, communities, and leaders make the best decisions on dealing with the outbreak and its consequences.

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Wiley COVID-19 Research Resources

It’s in these times of crisis where communities come together even more. As a publisher of trusted health science, we’ve made the relevant research articles, book chapters and entries in our major references freely available below, in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research in this disease and similar viral respiratory infections. Our approach is to use the world-class information we have available to directly improve health and to support the virtual efforts of healthcare practitioners globally. We are continually monitoring the developments and we will update the content of this page periodically.

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