Visualization Lab Resources

 How to Book the Room

  • Plan ahead -- request your booking at least a week ahead of time unless you have already completed a training (where you scheduled time with us for an individual overview), and allow plenty of time for any unique use cases where we might need to install software.
  • Expect that if we are able to install software to meet your needs, we may ask you to help us test how it works in this unusual environment.  You can assume that if the software you need is not on the ordinary library "academic workstations" (the computers you log into in the library open areas), we will need at least a couple of weeks to find out whether and how we can install in this environment, and to allow you to test that it does what you expect.
  • Consult the public calendar to determine whether there is already a booking for your time.  No booking is not a guarantee, since someone else might be asking for the same time moments ahead of you.
  • Fill out Visualization Lab Reservation Request form as completely as you can.  If there are things you're not sure about, you can use the free text space to describe your issue.

Using the Room

  • Since the display output is unusual, we're working to build templates for common file types.  At this time, we only have a PowerPoint Template, which we are happy to share with you.
  • We have a suite of objects that serve as examples of ways you might use the space. 
  • Videoconferencing is possible, but not using every possible software.  We know Bluejeans works, and we've developed some workarounds to accomplish screen-sharing.  We're still building in this area.
  • Practicing in the space is important.  Even simple things like controlling the mouse on the large screen have a learning curve that is not best suited to during a presentation.

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