DeArmond MakerSpace Costs to Use

We're beginning to charge for materials, at no profit. A cost chart is under development, but for now:

3D printing medium (PLA, ABS...) - 25 cents per gram
Embroidery and sewing machines - $2/15 minutes
Materials for vinyl/laser cutter - by the sheet, at cost

We'll put the cost chart here as it fills out.

Some materials will remain free, since the cost per use is negligible.  If it is safe for you to use material you provide in our machines, you may do so instead of paying us for materials; however, we will need to see your materials and verify it's not riskier to use than what we would provide.

If you have questions about what a project will cost, we will usually be able to provide an estimate before you begin. You can come see us, or send us an email.

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