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Intellectual Freedom Statement

The University of Oregon mission statement asserts that "the freedom of thought and expression is the bedrock principle on which all university activity is based."

As the University's primary resource for recorded ideas, the University of Oregon Libraries acknowledge their critical role in upholding this conviction. In support of the scholarly, educational, and information pursuits of the diverse UO campus community, the University of Oregon Libraries are committed to providing users with the broadest possible access to a vast array of information, services, and facilities. The Libraries recognize that providing access to available research from a variety of perspectives often necessitates representing differing opinions on controversial matters. The Libraries do not endorse all ideas or presentations expressed within their resources, but uphold the rights of users to a wide range of ideas to further the pursuit and production of knowledge characteristic of a university setting. The Libraries also support a library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, acquired, or transmitted.

Several statements support and relate to the Libraries' commitment to support academic freedom and unrestricted access to information:

University of Oregon Mission Statement

Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 192.502 (22) Public Records Policy
ORS 192.502 (22) Public Records Policy

American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights

American Library Association's
Association of College and Research Libraries Statement:
Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries
An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

American Association of University Professors
1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure (with 1970
Interpretive Comments)


Endorsed by University of Oregon Libraries, Library Council, March 21, 2002

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