My Library Accounts

LibrarySearch Account ❱

Your LibrarySearch account lets you see what UO or Summit items you have checked out, request renewals for UO items, view and run Saved Searches, see a list of items that you have requested in LibrarySearch, keep track of Summit requests and see items that you have booked.

ILLiad Account (Interlibrary Loan) ❱

ILLiad is used to provide interlibrary loan services. Your ILLiad account allows you to track the progress of recently requested items, as well as view a list of items previously borrowed through the ILLiad patron account.

  • ILLiad account login for Oregon Card holders, members of the UO Alumni Association & UO Associates.

Endnote Web ❱

EndNote Web accounts are available for free to UO faculty, students, and staff. This Web-based tool provides users with online storage for their references and the ability to instantly format bibliographies in their word processor.  You will need to create an account from a computer located on the UO campus.  Then your EndNote Web account can be accessed anywhere.

Connect From Off-Campus ❱

Use the campus VPN (virtual private network) to access a wide array of databases, electronic journals, and other electronic resources from off-campus. 



Why can't I do it all in one place?

Q: Do I have to go to Summit, ILLiad, and my UO library account just to see the progress of the items I've requested? Why can't I do it all in one place?

A: Great question! Short answer: when an item or article you requested is ready for you, you'll be sent an email.
Longer answer: to check on the status of items or articles you requested you do have to check more than one place.  LibrarySearch and ILLiad each uses different software, so there is a different login for each. We've not been able to merge them into a single system.

  • Check your ILLiad account to track the progress of interlibrary loan items that haven't yet arrived. You also can see the ILL items you currently have checked out, as well as a list of ILL items you previously borrowed through ILLiad.
  • Your UO Local Library Account shows you items from the UO Libraries that you have currently checked out or on hold, as well as the Summit items that are currently checked out and tracks the progess of Summit requests.

You are also welcome to call staff at any Checkout Desk, 541-346-3065, to learn the status of your outstanding requests.