My Library Accounts

LibrarySearch Account ❱

Your LibrarySearch account is used to submit requests for UO and Summit material, monitor the status of these requests, determine what UO or Summit items you have checked out, request renewals for UO and Summit material, view and run Saved Searches, and more.

ILLiad Account ❱

Your ILLiad account is used to submit Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Scan & Deliver requests, monitor the status of these requests, access scanned material, and view a list of items previously requested through ILLiad. Oregon Card holders, members of the UO Alumni Association, and UO Associates should use this link to log in to ILLiad

EndNote Account ❱

Your EndNote account is used to store resource lists and format bibliographies. EndNote accounts are available for free to UO faculty, students, and staff. You will need to be connected to the UO network to create an account. After your EndNote account is created, you can access it from any device that has internet connection. 

Connect From Off-Campus (VPN) ❱

You will need to use the campus VPN (virtual private network) to access many of the Libraries' electronic databases, e-journals, streaming media, and other electronic resources from off-campus. VPN is only available to current UO faculty, students, and staff. 



Q: Why can't I do it all in one place?

A: Great question! Short answer: When an item or article you requested is ready, or an item you have checked out will soon be due, you'll be sent an email. 

Longer answer: LibrarySearch and ILLiad are different technologies that don't connect easily with each other, so there is a different login and account for both. For now, to determine the status of material you've requested and due dates of things you have checked out, and to request renewals, you may have to check more than one account. We hope to connect these technologies soon.

You are welcome to call the Checkout & Reserves Desk, 541-346-3065 to determine the status of your outstanding requests and due dates, and to request renewals.