UO Library Administration and Management
Organization Chart

Vice Provost and University Librarian (Alicia Salaz)
Direct Reports
Interim Associate VPUL for Research, Instruction, and Access Services - Nancy Cunningham
Associate VPUL for Central Services - Evey Lennon
Associate VPUL for Collection Services - Vacant 
Director, Applications Development & Integration - Ray Henry
Interim Director, Law Library - Angus Nesbit
Director, NSRC - Steve Huter
Library Administration org chart (pdf)

Associate VPUL for Central Services, Direct Reports (Evey Lennon)
Administrative Operations Manager - Shelley Harshe
Creative Content and Strategic Communications Liaison - Mandi Garcia
Executive Assistant to the VPUL - Rebecca DesPrez
Facilities & Business Services Manager - Amy Lake
Fiscal Coordinator - Justin Demsky
Assessment & Strategic Communication Coordinator - Vacant
Payroll & Human Resources Coordinator - Vacant
Central Services org chart (PDF)

Associate VPUL for Collections and Discovery Services, Direct Reports (Vacant)
Interim Assignments until filled:

Nancy Cunningham:
Interim Director, Electronic Resources and Acquisitions - Mary Grenci
Interim Director, Cataloging, Metadata, and Preservation Services - Lori Robare
Director, Digital Scholarship Services - Franny Gaede
Alicia Salaz:
Giustina Director, Special Collections & University Archives -  David de Lorenzo
Collection and Discovery Services org chart (pdf)

Interim Associate VPUL for Research, Instruction, and Access Services, Direct Reports (Nancy Cunningham)
Director, Access Services - David Ketchum
Director, Research & Information Services - Katy Lenn
Branch Libraries
Data Services
Coordinator, e-Learning & OER- Rayne Vieger
Coordinator, Undergraduate Engagement & Instructional Services- Bronwen Maxson
Research, Instruction, and Access Services org chart (pdf)