FIG Faculty Library Collaboration

FIGs and The UO Libraries - 2023/24

Welcome to the FIGs & UO Libraries page! We look forward to working with you and your students. A Subject Specialist Librarian is often matched to the FIG that most closely relates to the discipline of the FIG course or theme. A spreadsheet of librarian contacts is below under "Quick Links."

Please contact Nancy Cunningham with questions, suggestions or concerns.


Librarian - Instructor Collaboration


  • Increase awareness of the role of the UO Libraries in student academic success
  • Give students a foundation for the development of strong IL practices while at UO
  • Foster critical thinking and research skills for life beyond UO


  • Partner on assignment creation; consult on adding information literacy skills into course assignments
  • Sharing resources on college success; sharing our popular reading, DVD, or video game collections for leisure time
  • Discussing and sharing archival materials and campus history
  • Participate with students in activities like field trips or discussion boards on Canvas (Learn how to add a Librarian to your course on Canvas)
  • Individual or small group research consultations
  • Previous library-related projects

For more ideas, see the UO Libraries Instruction Services page and our Instruction & Engagement blog.

Planning Checklist for Librarian Involvement in your FIG

We ask that instructors contact Libraries' faculty directly by email. Librarians often have pedagogy and content-related questions that may require a conversation with the instructor. Download the Planning Checklist for Librarian Involvement in your FIG.