Finding Maps and Atlases in UO Libraries


Most most of our maps are not listed in our online catalog, LibrarySearch. However, they are filed according Library of Congress call numbers which arange them by geographic area. The easiest way to locate a map in the library is to look through the map drawers for the call number for your area. You can find the call number for your area by looking at the World Map for Country Call Numbers. This is also posted on the end of the general map cases in the map library. A map for US States' call numbers is posted there as well. There are multiple shelving locations within the Map Library. You should browse both the General Maps and the Folded Maps section. More detailed directions for locating maps in the library may be found at Digital Maps & Mapping.


The UO Libraries collect atlases of Oregon, the United States, and the world. The Libraries also collect national atlases which can be a rich source of information on the country that publishes them.  All atlases are cataloged and can be found through the UO LibrarySearch. Use the name of the state, country or region you are interested in as a subject word to find an atlas focused on that area. Users may refine their results to Material Type: Maps to find cataloged maps and atlases.

Most of the atlases are located in the Map Library (Knight Library Map Atlas) on the first floor of Knight Library (behind the Data Services Offices). Others are located in Maps Rare, and you can request to use them by filling out the Request Mediated Access Items in Map Collection form. Other atlases are shelved throughout the libraries, so pay attention to the location. The Library of Congress call number system groups atlases by physical region and there is a call number guide on the end of the Map Atlas shelves to facilitate browsing.