The winners of the first OER Oscars!

Five instructors stand holding awards.

From left to right: Dyana Mason, Mike Urbancic, Kara Clevinger, Michal Young and Tammy Nezol.

During Open Education week OSPIRG and UO Libraries celebrated the amazing faculty creating OER and using OER in their classes. These instructors came from across the University and were nominated by their students for their commitment to zero cost resources. Students thanked their instructors and shared their experiences taking courses that use OER. 

Congratulations to all the awardees:

  • Michal Young, Computer Science.
  • Kate Mondloch, History of Art and Architecture and the Clark Honors College.
  • Erin Beck, Political Science.
  • Paul Kratwell, English.
  • Tammy Nezol, Mathematics.
  • Mike Urbancic, Economics.
  • Dyana Mason, Planning, Public Policy, and Management.
  • Stephen Rust, English.
  • Kara Clevinger, English.
  • Spike Gildea, Linguistics.

UO OER Highlights

In addition to using published OER in their courses, many UO faculty and staff have adapted or created their own original OER. To browse collections of UO OER visit the Scholars' Bank Open Textbook Collection and the UO Pressbooks Catalog.

UO Libraries Grantees

UO Libraries offers small grants to instructors who adopt or create OER, learn more about OER funding on the Funding, Services, and Consultations page

Book cover: Pay for Play: How the Music Industry Works, Where the Money Goes, and Why by Larry Wayte   Book Cover: Writing as Inquiry a Guide to WR 121 at the UO by Kara Clevinger and Stephen Rust 2022

  • Kara Clevinger and Stephen Rust: for their WR 121 textbook Writing as Inquiry.
  • Larry Wayte: for his book Pay-for-Play: How the Music Industry Works, Where the Money Goes, and Why. This book will be used in Larry Wayte's Music, Money & the Law course and explores the intersections between the law and the music industry and chronicles centuries of music legal history.

Open Oregon Grantees

Book cover: introduction to the nonprofit sector by Dyana P. Mason 2022   a busy cairo street full of outdoor dining tables.

  • Dyana Mason: wrote an excellent textbook about the nonprofit sector which accompanies her PPPM 290 nonprofits course. 
  • David Hollenberg and Hanan Elsherif: published Introduction to Arabic : Egyptian Arabic for first-year students the first book in their upcoming three part series of interactive Introduction to Arabic textbooks.